Built in 1929, this 100-foot classic fantail vessel was exquisitely restored to combine all the romance and opulence of the past with the comfort and convenience of today.


Imagine wedding and anniversary dinners beneath our stained-glass skylight, stenciled mahogany beams, and surrounded by period furnishings complete with an antique brass radiator in the wheelhouse.


Electra’s elegant, romantic setting will complete the ideal of your perfect wedding or anniversary date. Let Electra Cruises plan your event and take you back to a time of luxurious relaxation.

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Welcome aboard the Electra

Our staff is privileged to crew aboard our iconic yacht and proud to offer the excellent service that has become our time-honored tradition. We can provide sumptuous catering, in any style cuisine, for full-course dinners or simply hors d’oeuvres, at any time you choose.

The Electra is certified with the U.S. Coast Guard, will accommodate up to 100 guests, and comes equipped with all safety features required by law.

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