Add elegance to your wedding cake with our Chocolate dipped strawberries injected with Grand Marnier—for all the chocolate lovers!

Macadamia Nut Crème Brulee

  • Freshly prepared and topped with fresh seasonal berries

Coconut Whiteout Cake

  • Coconut Mousse, white cake, apricot puree and whipped cream

Mini Key Lime Tarts

  • Lime flavored cream in a shortbread crust, topped with fresh whipped cream


  • Coffee liqueur soaked cake, marscapone cheese, vanilla cream and chocolate shavings

Mocha Crunch

  • Bavarian mocha cake filled with whipped cream and butter brittle pieces

Windmill Torte

  • Rich chocolate fudge with whipped meringue curls

Blackout Cake

  • Chocolate Cake filled with chocolate chips, topped with chocolate leaves and almonds

Kahlua Cake Rectangle with Chocolate Cigars

  • Bavarian Mocha cake, garnished with chocolate ganache, swirled with pralinosa

Chocolate Raspberry Decadence

  • Chocolate Mousse with Chambord liqueur garnished with ganache swirls and raspberries

New York Style Cheesecake

  • Medium texture with flavors of vanilla and lemon

German Chocolate Cake

  • Chocolate cake filled with coconut and pecans, decorated with white chocolate leaves

Carrot Cake

  • Traditional carrot cake, surrounded with diced almonds, topped with white chocolate

Lemon Cake

  • Smooth lemon cream custard, topped with white chocolate leaves and curls