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What if you could have your beach wedding on board a boat overlooking the beautiful Southern California setting sun?

What if we told you could? In fact, you can celebrate your beach wedding not on any ordinary boat, but a luxurious yacht. At Electra Cruises, you get to choose the exact yacht you want to have your wedding on. Each yacht has different features. For instance, Electra was built in the 1920s; although it has been refurbished, it still holds the same charm and romanticism from that time. Meanwhile, Eternity holds 300 guests, and has not just one story but four stories. That means four stories of dancing, four stories of mingling with friends and family, four stories of snacking on appetizers, and four stories to celebrate the new life you now lead. Please feel free to check out the rest of our yachts on our website. Also, give us a call so that we can put you in contact with one of our wedding planners so they can discuss with you further about our yachts and answer any questions you may have about them.

Also, to go with your beach wedding, why not have a Hawaiian themed menu? The delicious pineapple tree will satisfy guests’ sweet tooths, while going great with our coconut prawns and orange mustard dipping sauce. For more information about our 25 wedding menu options, again, one of our experienced wedding planners will gladly assist you. In addition, know that we have other options that will go well with your menu– such as our alcoholic beverage package and soda package. On top of that, we offer our gourmet coffee and tea services so you and your family and friends can enjoy sipping on a nice hot cup of coffee while sharing funny family stories under a starry night. If you’d like to know more about our wedding packages, contact us to schedule a free consultation.


The calm soothing waters of beautiful Newport Harbor and the fresh ocean air will give you the feeling of a mini-vacation.

Whether you require the charm of a paddle-wheel river boat, the elegance and romance of a classic fantail yacht, or the world class luxury of a modern ultra-contemporary motor yacht, Electra Cruises has the right vessel for you.

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Selecting the proper menu for your Electra Cruise event might just be as fun as the cruise itself.

Whether you choose a sumptuous Breakfast Buffet on the Bay, Silver Tray Hors d’oeuvre Service, a lavish Buffet or an incredible Sit-Down Meal, our chef will wow! your guests with gourmet selections.
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Your special wedding day upon one of our luxurious yachts includes the following:

  • Choice of Luxurious Yacht
  • Delicious Catering
  • Soft Drinks, Juice, Coffee/Tea and a Bartender
  • Decadent Wedding Cake
  • Professional DJ / Entertainment
  • Beautiful Flowers
  • Professional Wedding Coordinator
  • Minister (Captain can Perform Ceremony)

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We can assist you with several aspects of your wedding planning, from the ceremony to the wedding reception.

Our experienced and creative consultants will listen to your wedding planning and wedding reception ideas, and help you plan a unique wedding that reflects your personality as a couple – your style, ideas, dreams and budget.
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At Electra Cruises all of our events are held within the Harbor where the water is calm, there are no ocean waves in sight, and the yachts sail very slowly. Plus the yachts are simply too large to be affected by a wave!

If the bride and groom have invited your kids we welcome them too! For the most part the yachts are fully enclosed and there are tall safety rails along the parameters of the outside decks. All 5 yachts are also equipped with child life vests as well.

Majority of our events are held in 4 hours. Unless you anticipate having a long ceremony it tends to be more than enough time. In that case we can always add more time! Just ask a representative!

Each of our yachts has a full galley head chef and kitchen staff who work diligently the day of your event to prepare your customized menu. Everything is prepared from scratch on the yacht itself according to your event so nothing is catered or will sit out for long periods of time.

Depending on the size of your party we can host a small intimate wedding for 20 or have all of your friends and relatives for a wedding of 300. The beauty of having a yacht wedding is having a designated deck for all of your festivities so you never feel crammed.

While we have guests in wheelchairs almost weekly our largest yacht the Eternity has an elevator that reaches all 3 decks so no one has to miss a beat!

Guests with young children or elderly tend to be concerned about not being able to leave if needed. Not only are there water taxis and gondolas who can take private parties back to the dock, there are medical water ambulances that can arrive at the yacht within seconds if there is an emergency.

Because our yachts are almost entirely enclosed the nature of your party will not be affected rain or shine. In fact photographers prefer overcast weather for your photos!

Our service staff is also made up of knowledgeable experienced deckhands who are constantly doing engine room checks to prevent problems and ensure the yacht is running properly.