17 Small Reminders That Have BIG Benefits

Most of us rely on daily reminders: The alarm that wakes us in time for work, the list that helps us remember to pick up bread and milk, the inspirational quote scribbled on a black board that encourages us to keep calm and carry on. These prompts are important and necessary to our daily living and sanity.

Memos are a great way of reminding us of things we need to do – and of what we love. Taking this idea in a relational direction and creating visual reminders for our spouse is a great way of saying just how much we love the person we have chosen for life. These quick tokens of our love are essential to keeping love alive through all the years of marriage, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death separates us.

Here are 17 small reminders that have big benefits!

1. Write a post-it-note telling her that you will be thinking of her all day, and stick it on her steering wheel before she leaves for work.

2. Write “Hey Stud, I love you!” on the bathroom mirror with lipstick.

3. Create a bookmark from construction paper that lists her amazing character qualities, and put it in her favorite book. Better yet, buy her a new book by her favorite author, and present it to her along with the book mark!

4. Send him a text listing your favorite parts of his body.

5. Post a loving message on her Facebook page for all of her friends to see.

6. Place a sexy note in his briefcase that he will find when he gets to work.

7. Take her hand in yours during an argument, and tell her you will never leave her or forsake her – ever.

8. Take a sexy photo yourself and place it on top of your bed along with a note letting him know you are looking forward to making love soon.

9. Purchase a copy of The Love Dare and do what it says each day for 40 days.

10. Pray for her each day, then send her a text letting her know of one specific thing you prayed for her.

11. While sitting in the same room, send him a Facebook private message letting him know how much you truly trust him.

12. Place coupons for her favorite ice cream shop on the fridge, attached with a pretty magnet.

13. Begin a love journal where you can write fun, flirty, serious, crazy love notes to one another.

14. Stick just enough money in his pocket for a toy he has been wanting along with a note explaining what the money is for.

15. Pre-pay for a spa treatment, then arrange a night to take care of the kids and send her out for some alone time.

16. Make his favorite snack and send some along with him to work.

17. Steal a kiss while in line at the supermarket, sit close enough to touch thighs during church, and hold hands as you walk anywhere together.

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