4 Apps You Need to Plan a Wedding

Are you keeping wedding planning notes in your phone’s default note-taking app? Emailing them to yourself? There’s a better way! When we’re so deep in the digital age, there are actually a lot of apps out there that can save you a ton of time and even help you rethink the way you see your wedding planning.


Here are some of our favorites:


Wedding Party: This is a helpful planning app that also doubles as a super fun app for you and your guests. This is a great app for storing all your wedding details, and you can even instant message your guests and groups in your wedding party. Bonus: Notify your guests early on to install the app and they can send all their wedding photos to you through the app!  Especially useful if you want to keep your photos from being shared all over social media.

Wedding Dress Look Book by The Knot: The ultimate app for finding your wedding dress! There are tons of dresses on here to look at (which can either be really helpful or only make things worse if you like to overthink!). The app can generate dresses according to the stats and preferences you enter, or you can just browse by style. Whatever works for you!

Awesome Note: A very cute note taking app. With some modern note taking methods, this is a very powerful little tool. The shopping lists are great for just about everything, and if you’re savvy with the way you use your tags, you can get seriously organized: tag items by events, people, and where they can be found or purchased, or for whatever else you need. Then, when you search for those tags later, everything is there!

Cozi: With Cozi, you can track all your activities and appointments between your family members. Although the app is intended for a whole family, one approach we like is to keep the app private for you and your future spouse; that way you can stay on top of each other’s schedules and make sure you don’t miss any appointments together.

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