4 Wedding Planning Tips for Older Brides

There are great advantages to being an older bride. Whether you are getting married for the first time or you’re getting remarried, years of gaining wisdom will serve you well. Whatever your reasons for waiting to get married, this is your time – time to let the celebrations begin! The following tips, adapted from Dream Wedding, are for you, the older bride.

Guest List
Just because you attended – or were even a bridesmaid at – a girl’s wedding in your twenties does not mean that owe her an invite. One advantage to getting married later in life is that you know who your lifelong, stick-with-you-through-thick-and-thin friends are. Invite them, and don’t worry about others.

The Bridal Party
If you or your groom has older children, consider asking them to be a part of your wedding. Grandchildren, godchildren, nieces, and nephews also can be a lovely addition to the wedding.

The Dress
Toss out all the rules on this one. No need to don the traditional virginal white. Go with your own style – just keep it classy. Timeless and simple styles are always tasteful classics. Think lilac silhouettes, jacketed dresses, or pastel slips gowns.

The Honeymoon
You’ve waited long enough – go all out now! Consider a luxury cruise, an all-inclusive resort in Belize, or two weeks in whatever destination you have always dreamed of.

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