7 Tips for Choosing the Right Mattress

Did you know that six in 10 Americans report that they desire sleep more than sex? Six in ten! Perhaps the reason that sleep is preferable to the horizontal mambo for the majority of Americans is that we just are not sleeping well – and that may be a mattress issue.

The mattress you choose for your marriage bed can affect your sleep habits, your sex drive, your appetite, your weight, your attitude, and your overall happiness. Yup, for better or for worse, the quality of your mattress could be the key to a happier marriage and a healthier sex life.

The encouraging fact is that, though the wrong mattress can hinder sleep, the right one can actually improve your slumber. Given that we sleep about one third of our lives, a quality, sleep enhancing mattress is worth the money. While sleep quality and personal comfort are subjective, here are 7 guidelines that can help you sleep better – and stay awake for the bow chica wow wow.

Replace Your Mattress At Least Every Eight Years

The material your mattress is made of degrades over time, making it less comfy to sleep on. A few signs that it is time to replace your mattress are waking up in pain most days, sleeping poorly most nights, and feeling aggravated most of the time.

Always Replace the Foundation Along with the Mattress

Just like the mattress, your box spring will wear out, too. With a heavy mattress as its consistent companion and your bodies as its nightly visitors, the foundation will change structure will also need to be replaced.

Only Purchase the Mattress That Fits You Like a Comfortable Nightshirt

As mentioned earlier, sleep quality and comfort are subjective, so you have to find the mattress that feels best to you and your spouse. Chiropractors believe in finding a mattress that is designed to conform to the natural curve of your spine. Everyone has different pressure points, so this is a decision that must be made by both you and your partner. Spend about 15 – 20 minutes lying on the mattress in your normal sleep position before deciding on which one to buy.

High Dollar Does Not Always Mean High Quality

Nearly all mattress coils are constructed by the same manufacturer. A brand name and higher cost does not necessarily equal a better mattress. Look for the one that fits you, not your love of brand names.

Watch Out For Allergens

If you are prone to allergies, make sure to read the label to ensure the mattress is hypoallergenic. Natural latex and wool are both good options. Mattress covers also work well.

Look For a Dual Adjusting Mattress

Though sharing a bed with your spouse may be one of the greatest joys in life, it can also hinder your sleep if you need your mattress to be hard as a rock and your partner needs a pillowy surface. A mattress that allows each of you to adjust your respective firmness can save your sanity and preserve your love.

Always Check the Return Policy

You need not be stuck with a bad purchase forever, just make sure you can return it. If the mattress you bought is not the mattress of your sweet dreams, take it back for one that is.

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