Bridal Tips For Getting Ready on Your Special Day

Your day – the day – is finally here. You awaken way too early and have butterflies (the good kind!) in your tummy. You may have felt that you were ready – after all, you”ve spent months preparing for this day! But there is still much to be done in the final hours before you present yourself to your beloved and become his wife.

Especially if you have not retained a day-of wedding planner, you, your bridesmaids, and mom will be busy ladies, wrapping up last minute details, keeping up with any emergencies, preparing yourselves, and making sure someone keeps things running smoothly during the ceremony and reception.

Preparing time lines and sticking to them are key to ensuring this morning is as stress free as possible. You must determine which of the larger, more important things should first fill your morning, and deal with smaller, less important things after. Have lists of everything that needs done, and do not get sidetracked. Enlist a go-to person for anything that needs done that is not on the list.

Like a fine bottle of wine, your gown needs some time and space to breathe before you dress. This allows the fabric to settle and smooth out any wrinkles. Make sure you hang it away from any makeup or pre-wedding cocktails.

Apply makeup in natural light, and complete your hair and makeup before donning your gown to keep from getting any spots or chemicals on it. Prepare your makeup at least two hours before the wedding. Do not rush this part! Allowing plenty of time to put on your “game face” will help ensure everything is flawless. Wear a button-up blouse or robe with a sash instead of a pull-over shirt to keep from upsetting your hair or smudging your foundation.

Eat well, but eat small and light. Eating a large breakfast or lunch will cause you to feel miserable, but you must eat to keep your strength up, especially if you are indulging in mimosas.

Have an emergency kit handy during your day for small snafus. Your kit should contain a needle and white thread, safety pins, bobby pins, clear nail polish, scissors, pain relievers, band-aids, toothpicks, eye drops, a travel-size spot remover, breath mints, cash, white chalk (an amazing smudge cover-up for your dress!), and tissues. Carry these items in a small, stunning clutch that matches the style of your dress.

Do not worry about what your groom is doing. Most likely he and his groomsmen are doing just what they should be: Nothing. It is probably best that way. 😉

Last but not least, breathe, smile, and go get married!

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