Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

Each wedding and honeymoon is different. One thing every wedding has in common, however, is the risk of something going very wrong. Mother Nature’s temper, flight cancellations, stolen gifts, vendor no-shows, damaged gowns, lost luggage, car accidents – these things and much more can present unending opportunities for disaster.

When you have wedding insurance, it works to protect you from unforeseen obstacles. Here is a peek into what wedding insurance is and how it works.

Wedding insurance protects your investments when things out of your control present problems, and reimburses your financial losses. If your reception site is snowed in and no one can get there, if you must postpone your wedding because of an accident, injury, or illness, or if your photographer doesn’t show up, the right wedding insurance will pay back your expenses.

Your need for wedding insurance will depend greatly on how well your vendors are covered, so make sure to ask about what kind of coverage the carry. Paying for overlapping coverage only means wasted money on your part, so if your wedding site or caterer is covered, there is no need to pay for additional insurance.

Basic insurance policies that cover loss of videos, photos, rings, attire, and deposits costs anywhere from $150 and $550, depending on type and amount of coverage. There will be a deductible, but general liability insurance covers up to $1,000,000 for accidents and costs around $190.

There are many reasons to consider purchasing wedding insurance, and is a great idea for military personnel who may be shipped off on a moment’s notice and need to postpone their wedding. Having insurance will cover reimbursements for a postponement.

But it’s good to be aware of what wedding insurance does not cover. Wedding bands may be covered, but engagement rings most likely will not be. And, while necessary postponements or cancellations may be covered, getting cold feet and backing out of the wedding is not. Jewelry is not usually covered, including watches, semi-precious stones, gold, and pearls.

Supplemental policies are available to defend against damages not covered by basic insurance, so check those out too. You have several options for insuring your big day. Read everything carefully so you understand every detail of the policy. Happy insurance hunting!

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