Five Common Wedding Guest Complaints, and How to Keep Them From Happening at Your Wedding!

While a wedding”s most worthy goal is the celebration of love, commitment, and marriage, the guests” enjoyment is certainly important to attaining a truly spectacular celebration. To that end, let”s look at five common guest complaints and how to keep them from happening at your wedding.

Too Hot or Too Cold

It is impossible to create the perfect climate for all body temperatures, but you can find creative ways to ensure the room stays comfortable. First, make sure you have the availability to both heat and cool the ceremony and reception sites. Provide plenty of shade for outdoor parties, and make sure there are blinds or shades you can pull on windows. An elegant way to offer a bit of cool air is to hand out paper fans.

A Cash Bar

Guests have already shelled out money for a gift, and perhaps even to traveled to your wedding. It is a big no-no to ask guests to pay for their drinks at your wedding too! If the cost of alcohol is a concern, consider simply putting one bottle of champagne on each table, and place one signature drink near the cake and punch.

Long-Winded Toasts

We”ve all heard of this one: after a couple of glasses of champagne, the best man goes on and on about his college days with the groom, or the mother of the bride gets weepy and nostalgic. The best way to keep this from happening is to be honest and talk openly and firmly, yet kindly, with those who will be giving toasts. Thank them for the honor they will be bestowing on you, but let them know to keep their speeches shorter rather than longer. You can also instruct your DJ to signal them with a musical cue when their time is up.


It is frustrating when guests are left standing around not knowing where they are to be or what is happening. Make sure you have a good plan for your day, and clear communication with your spouse-to-be, attendants, and clergy. Have signs posted around your reception site telling guests where the restroom and dance floor are. Designate an attendant to direct guests where they should go, and have a back-up plan for entertaining guests if pictures take longer than expected.

Ungracious Couples

When people take time out of their own busy lives to celebrate with you, show them how much you appreciate it. It doesn”t have to take long, but make your rounds during the reception to greet each guest. Look them in the eye, touch their shoulders warmly, hug elderly guests and kiss children, squeeze hands and say thank you.

And never, ever forget to hand-write thank-you notes afterward. It may be tempting in this day and age to skip them, but it will always be bad manners, no matter how technical an age. And people notice. Share the note writing with your spouse, do only so many a day, or go sit at a park to make it more enjoyable, but please, please write them!

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