For a Long, Healthy Life, Create a Happy Marriage!

When we marry, we stand and pledge our commitment to our spouse till death, both in sickness and in health. The good news is that a good marriage is good for your health! A study by scholars at the University of North Carolina and Princeton shows that the longer men and women stay married to the same spouse, the lower their risk for a myriad of diseases and health problems. Married people experience less stress, have more satisfying sex lives, get pneumonia less, have fewer strokes and heart attacks, have lower rates of diabetes, heart disease, and depression, and lower risk of cancer. And a happy marriage may give the ultimate benefit: A longer life.

The study says that “as health risks increase with age, women with long marriage duration(s) are more likely to delay the onset of disease” and “men who accumulate more years in marriage have the lowest risk of developing a disease condition.” While the preventative effects of marriage longevity were found to be greater for men than for women, the negative effects of divorce were found to equally affect both spouses, significantly increasing the likelihood of disease in both men and women.

But some research suggests that it”s the happy, healthy marriages that provide these physical health benefits. Not only will an unhappy marriage have less immunity-boosting effects, it could lead to divorce, thus increasing the the risks of disease.

In an effort to find the keys to marital bliss, Fawn Weaver of Happy Wives Club traveled around the world to interview happily married couples who were married 25 years or more, and discover their secrets. Through twelve countries and six continents, she mined nuggets of golden truth and precious gems of sage advice from those who are living the marriage dream. Though there are many ways to have a happy marriage, those Fawn interviewed all named one supreme secret: Mutual respect.

A long, happy marriage doesn”t happen on its own, but the advantages of creating one are well worth the effort. Become a lifelong student of your spouse, and find out what how to communicate respect to him or her. Clearly communicate what your love language is as well so your beloved can learn how to respect you, too. Remember, be happy, and be healthy!

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