Happy Wedding Feet: 6 Hints to Stay Pain-Free

Let’s face it: Brides often sacrifice comfort for beauty. But there are some comforts that, if sacrificed, can cost the bride the exact thing she’s striving for! One such thing is painful wedding feet. Hurting feet can cause a bride to wince during pictures or keep her off the dance floor. Your dream wedding shoes may be gorgeous, but if they’ll keep you from fully enjoying your wedding, they aren’t worth it.



With just a few helpful hints, and the right attitude, you can have beautiful shoes AND get to dance the night away!

Give your tootsies have some wiggle room.

Extremely pointed toe shoes can cramp your toes and cause blisters and bunions. Not only painful, but unsightly for the honeymoon! Make sure you can wiggle those toes around inside your shoes. A good space test is about a half an inch (a thumbprint’s space) between your longest tow and the end of the shoe.

Buy leather.

Leather shoes may cost a bit more, but they give your feet room to breathe and stay cool.

Give your feet an ice bath.

Ice baths ease swelling and relieve tired feet. Soak your feet in ice-cold water the night before your wedding to be ready to go on your big day.

Invest in insoles.

Purchase shoes big enough to allow you to also insert insoles. They give you padding for the parts of your feet that get the most use: The balls of your feet.

Keep your heels at or under two inches.

This will give you enough height underneath your gown, yet keep you safe from tripping down the aisle. And they’re more comfortable than taller shoes.

Take some time off your feet during your wedding.

Take a 20 minute break from dancing, walking, or standing throughout your wedding day. Have a seat, take a bite, talk to a friend. This will allow your feet to rest and last the whole evening.

Pain-free feet are happy wedding feet. Here’s to happy feet!

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