How Marriage is Like P90X

Workouts such as P90X and Insanity are not for those who want infrequent, simple, easy, moderate exercise. Instead, these intense, sweat-inducing, heart-pumping workouts are for those who want to transform their body and gain lasting strength and change. These exercises require a great deal of effort and work, but they offer excellent results and a beautiful, chiseled body that parades the determination of the person who has endured the challenge.

These workout systems are a lot like marriage, too. How? Let”s take a look.

The Right Mindset

Those who want firm thighs, rock-hard abs, or great arms know what it takes to get there. They know it is going to take commitment, sweat, discipline, time, and care. And so it is with marriage. The strong, thriving marriage you want requires consistent care, rock-solid commitment, self discipline, and patience. Anything worth having takes these things, and a good marriage is well worth it.

Warm up and Stretch Any workout worth its salt begins with a warm up and stretch session. This allows your muscles to warm up gradually, without causing harm from a work load too intense too soon. In the same way, it is best if we “warm up” our own hearts and our spouse”s heart before we tackle hard issues. Take a few minutes to meditate or pray before approaching your love with a frustration. Make sure your motives are right, and you have a calm heart and mind.

Some Days Are Harder Than Others Some days you can”t wait to press play on your workout DVD. Then the work starts, the sweat pours, and every endorphin in your body rises to the occasion. This hurts so good! Other days is the exact opposite. You didn”t want to press play in the first place, and when the work starts, there are no endorphins cheering you on – the hurt just hurts. But you power through anyway. Some days in marriage are extraordinarily fulfilling, others feel like they will never end. Regardless of which day you are having, power through and just do it, because the benefits last a lifetime.

No One Ever Regrets it When it”s Over No matter how tough a workout, we are always glad when it”s over…and we”re glad we did it! Physical fitness and health, and that of your marriage, is always – always – worth it, and you will not regret it.

You Work Every Part Each part of your body is worked in intense programs. Arms, abs, legs, core, cardio, balance, strength – all are conditioned. Similarly, we should train and condition every part of our marriages so no part is weak. Communication, finances, sex, careers, home, children, romance, fears, spirituality, needs, desires  — everything needs to be worked, flexed, stretched, and strengthened.

Give your marriage everything you have, and it will show. You will have a fit, strong relationship that goes the distance. Live with no regrets: ”Put the X, in P90X!”

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