How to Pop the Question

When a guy pops the question, the story of how it all happened – what he did, where he was, what the weather was like, if it was a surprise, who was present, what he wore – is forever etched in his lady”s mind and will be told and retold to best friends, strangers, children, and grandchildren.

No pressure, fellas, but when you know she is the one and you are ready to ask her to be yours forever, you will need to brush up on a few “rules of engagement”. While she will more than likely say yes to your proposal (after all, you are the best thing that”s ever happened to her!), putting a little thought into how and where you intend to ask for her hand in marriage will make all the difference in how she remembers it.

Ask Her Dad

Yes, really. This time-honored tradition has faded in Western culture, and that is unfortunate. This is not the time to stand on principles of feminism. Instead of being sexist, asking a father for his daughter”s hand in marriage shows respect, maturity, and sincerity. Additionally, most women see it as a sweet gesture.

Be Considerate

It is never a good idea to ask her to marry you if she is in grubby clothes, has messy hair, or no makeup. You may think she is cute when she”s lounging around – and that is sweet. But respect her by choosing a time when you know she will be at her best.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Superb planning is the key to a romantic surprise proposal. The scene in the movie Sweet Home Alabama where Andrew pops the question to Melanie is an excellent example of proper planning. My husband”s proposal is another great example.

The State Fair was in town. As we wandered, he bought me a funnel cake and a lemonade, and threw balls into jars to win me a stuffed Tweety Bird. Later, we snuggled, kissed, and laughed as we stood in line for the gondola-style Ferris Wheel. When I boarded, he took the stuffed bird and told me he would ask the attendant to keep an eye on it as we rode. Round and round the wheel went, and finally stopped at the very top. The city lights shone bright in the night sky, the tantalizing aroma of fair food filled the air, and a young man who had paid the carnival attendant $20 to stop our gondola at the top for five minutes was down on one knee, holding a diamond ring. That, gentlemen, is a excellently planned proposal…and I said yes.

Get Down on One Knee

This is essential, guys. It”s romantic and is quite important to the ladies. And because it is important, all of her friends will ask if you did. Make sure that when they do, your girlfriend can say that you did…and that she said yes.

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