How to Save Big Bucks on Your Wedding

With the average wedding costing upwards of $25,000 and some costing much more, it doesn””””t come as a surprise that weddings are expensive. But imagine the joy of being able to create the wedding of your dreams, and save big bucks doing it.

Of course, Electra Cruises is one of the least expensive ways to have a fairy tale wedding, but there are other ways too. Let””””s look at a few clever tips and tricks to cut costs and still have a spectacular wedding.

When asking for discounts, always ask in person.

Wedding vendors and professionals are much more likely to grant freebies or include an add-on if you are looking them in the eye rather than asking over the phone or in an e-mail. Just remember to be polite and direct – don””””t hint or whine. Even if a vendor does catch on to your hint, they probably will dislike your approach and be less likely to grant your request.

Choose the items on which you are willing to spend a lot of money, and the items on which you can skimp.

This piece of advice comes from first-hand experience. When I was planning my wedding, my parents informed me I could choose which items were the most important to me, and they would spend any amount of (reasonable) money on them, but I also had to choose other things that were less expensive. I chose a glorious gown, but simple, inexpensive pumps. I chose stunning bridal and attendant bouquets, but decorated the church with DIY arrangements. I chose to have my hair professionally dressed, but had fun doing my own makeup. My parents saved a wad of dough, and I had a glorious wedding filled with beauty and romance.

Borrow items from friends rather than purchasing them.

Does your best friend have a stunning strand of pearls? Is your mother-in-law a crafty type, with lots of lace, old trinkets, or crystals lying around? Does your aunt bake yummy goodies and maybe have cake stands, cake servers, and linen table cloths? How about finding someone who collects taper or floating candles, mason jars, mirrors, or greenery for the ceremony and reception locations? Most of your friends will know just how expensive weddings can be and will be more than willing to help out. Just don””””t forget to return the favor when your best friend””””s little sister is planning her wedding!

Trade wedding-related services.

One of my best friends is an extraordinary massage therapist. My husband offers assistance in writing resumes. An acquaintance runs a home daycare. What talents can you offer others? If any of your friends are talented at calligraphy, cake decorating, or wedding planning, consider offering them an equal trade for music lessons, child care, or personal shopping.

Follow wedding vendors on social media.

It is no secret that most businesses have social media pages these days. Check to see if your coveted wedding vendor has a Facebook page or Twitter account, if they use Instagram or Pinterest, or if their website includes a blog. Take advantage of sweepstakes and contests they post, and you could win pries worth hundreds of dollars.

Happy hunting!

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