How to Write Grammatically Correct Wedding Invitations

But all the fun is in how you say a thing.” Robert Frost

Wedding invitations can be as formal or informal as you like, but the art of creating an invitation is important, because you want the invitee to feel that you expressing a special desire for him or her to attend. Let”s look over a few common mistakes that many couples make when creating their wedding invitations.

Lack of Proofreading.

Proofreading seems to be a lost art in our society and brides often are stressed out and running short on time and patience. This can lead to embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors and word omissions. Make sure to read your invitations line-by-line and examine them closely for errors and confusing sentences.

Lack of Essential Information.

Even the most seemingly inconsequential or miscellaneous information can be extremely important. Fact-check all information before sending out your invitations. Typos, misspellings, misleading or confusing sentence structure, and wrong addresses can be disastrous on a wedding invitation.

Lack of Punctuation.

One of the most confusing yet preventable grammatical errors is the lack of proper punctuation. While simply worded invitations do not need a lot of punctuation, the punctuation that is required is important and keeps misunderstandings from occurring.

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