One Thing You Should Never Do In a Relationship

There are a myriad of things you should never do in a relationship, but this one is not often listed among the truly heinous – though it should be. The one thing? Air dirty laundry about your love. It is called gossip, and it harms relationships.

Yes, I can hear the gasps now. I know that you just need your girls to hear you out because you are in need of a listening ear, and besides, they will not hold it against your guy, right?! Wrong. Your friends will always remember what you told them, and they will not forgive as easily as you do.

This is for you, too, guys. You cannot be complaining about your lady to your friends and expect you relationship to not be negatively affected.

Yes, we ought to be able to share things with close friends, but not at the expense of our fiancée or spouse. There is a fine line between asking for advice or sharing a funny story, and sharing things that ought to stay between you and your love.

Gossip can come as a surprise to us – even if we are the one doing it! We often simply think we are getting our frustrations out without harping on our man or griping at our lady, but what we are really doing is sharing the weaknesses (or perceived weaknesses) of our favorite person in the world.

Often, we can come back with our loved one and feel even worse about him or her, because we have just filled our minds with all the stuff he or she has done to hurt us! And we lose out on the close feelings we have with our friends when we realize that we are harming our relationships.

Relationships can be incredibly strong, but they are also quite fragile. We must protect them with everything we have in us. One thing you should never do in a relationship? Air dirty laundry. It is called gossip, and it harms relationships.

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