Rude Guest Questions You Do Not Need to Answer

We have all been there: Someone asks a question that is truly none of their business, yet we do not want to be rude in return, so we answer the question fully, only to wish forevermore that we had not. Sometimes people do not even realize they are being rude when asking such questions, so it is best to not react harshly.

Whatever answer you finally choose, there are certain questions which you are not required to answer, and you should be prepared for them. There are many, but here is a list of but a few:

Any question related to finances or wedding cost

Whether you are paying for your wedding or your parents are, your flowers cost more than your honeymoon, or you got all your decorations from the dollar store is no one’s business. You can respond to these questions with a soft laugh and something like, “Oh, I am sure we will owe our first born!” Then quickly move onto a different subject. Or simply say, “I do make it a habit to never discuss money.”

Any question related to virginity or the wedding night

These questions are the height of rudeness and should never be answered. Simply tell the guest, perhaps with a wink, that you do not discuss your sex life. The end.

Any question related to whom you did or did not invite to the wedding

I am guessing you will invite people to your wedding that you wish to spend this special day with. Sure, there will be those family members who will be there simply because your mom asked for them to be, but for the most part, this is your day and you have the final say over the guest list. Do not allow others to back you into a corner with this question. This question is best left completely unanswered, so simply change the subject. Say, “Yes, she is a sweet lady! How do you know her?” or, “Oh, he is so fun at parties! Speaking of which, there was this time we…”

Any question related to the stability of marriage

You would not be getting married if you did not believe your marriage will last forever. These questions are not only rude, but silly, too. There is no need for you to go into the details of how you took premarital counseling or have a long line of family members who have stayed married or anything else. Simply say, “Yes, it is so sad that many marriages end in divorce!” and leave it at that. You do not have to defend your choice to marry, or what you are doing to keep from getting divorced.

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