Say Bye-Bye to Stress with These 4 Pre-Wedding Prep Tips

Electra Cruises can be there for you for everything from the catering to the DJ, but as every bride to be knows–or will soon find out–a lot of wedding planning stress falls on your laps. Fortunately, you can alleviate most of that with the right perspective.

We have a few tried and true methods to keep your wedding from becoming a titanic disaster:

Stick with your first impulses

Do you remember taking tests in school and bubbling in one answer, then erasing that answer and doing a different answer, only to get the test back and realize you had it right the first time!?

Basically, the same applies here, too. A lot of research says sticking with your first impulse is the best decision. Unless you’re deciding on something ABSOLUTELY critical, don’t let yourself get hung up on all the different options. Just trust yourself the first time and move on.


Speaking of ABSOLUTELY critical, sleep is one of those things. The temptation to stay up a couple hours more, especially with a tablet or cell phone in hand, will be your un-doing. Smart devices with LED screens are blasting those blue lights we’re always told are keeping us wide awake at night. Stick to books or magazines in the closing hours before bed time and you’ll find sleep comes much easier.

One suggestion: Start waking up an hour earlier and use that extra time to do your planning instead. (As a bonus, some people say your creativity gets a big boost in those early morning hours just after waking up!)

Take more notes!

Good ideas typically flutter by like pretty little butterflies. And, like butterflies, they are fleeting and will completely disappear from your sight if you don’t take them in immediately! Later on when you’re trying to remember the bits and pieces of good ideas you’ve had, you’ll thank yourself when you have a smart phone full of the ideas you’ve wrote down. Plus, keeping your ideas organized helps your mind stay sharp and clutter-free.

Find time for exercise

Just some light cardio every other day can be enough to get those endorphins flowing. The stress can’t build if you break it up with exercise in between. Not only will you get some nice time to clear your head, but you’ll keep away an extra pounds that might ruin your gown fitting.

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