Valentine’s Day; Celebrating Love, Not Just Lovers

Lovers love Valentine’s Day, but those who are single often feel excluded and dislike the day. But that need not be the case. V-Day is about celebrating love – all kinds of love. The erotic love between husband and wife, the familial love between parents and kids, the brotherly love between siblings and friends.

The other day, I stumbled upon a post on Tumblr (I know, dumb pun) about a love that exemplifies what Valentine”s Day is all about.

The post spoke of several women whose father”s had passed away and were unable to attend their weddings and walk them down the aisle. But one woman found a way to allow her late father to literally walk with her down the pathway to matrimony: By placing tiny photo charms on her shoes. The photo says it all.

Happy Valentine”s Day, everyone. Remember to show love to those around you, because you never know when you may not be able to. This V-Day, call a friend and buy them coffee, send a message to someone you have lost touch with and want to reconnect, hug your brother, kiss your mama on the forehead and thank her for all she has done, honor a Veteran, tip your waitress well, look your dad in the eye and tell him he is your hero, and tell your spouse or fiancee that, for better or worse, you will love him forever and ever, amen.

And this is how we know what love is

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