Your Wedding Your Way: Handling Bad Wedding Advice

One thing every bride will agree on is that unsolicited advice flows freely from well-meaning friends and family. While much of it may be sound advice, much of it should also be politely declined. A wise way of handling unasked for advice is to listen to everything, and throw out what you do not want – and do not feel guilty for what you do not use.

Here are four pieces of advice you may have received, but you need not follow:

  • You Must Wear White

This advice most likely comes from a family member who doesn”t want to be embarrassed if anyone believes you are not a virgin. But the “white only” idea is an antiquated one, and these days, many virgin brides wear pale pink, ivory, and other colored dresses.

  • You Must Have Alcohol (Or You Must NOT Have Alcohol!)

Wisdom is indeed needed in this decision, but many fine weddings include alcohol, and many fun weddings do not have a drop of liquor. Define your budget and your lay out your preferences, and go from there.

  • Take Out a Loan for Your Wedding

There are few things in life worth going into debt for, and a wedding is not one of them. Starting your marriage in debt for a one-day event does not bode well for your financial future.

  • Just Let Your Friends Take Pictures Instead of Hiring a Photographer

Friends can snap some priceless photos for sure, but you will regret not hiring a professional photographer. They have trained eyes, ears, and instincts, as well as equipment that can make a world of difference.

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