5 Makeup Tips That Can Save the Day

Wear Waterproof Mascara

Brides are rarely known to shed no tears during their wedding. Whether it”s the vows, the minister”s admonition, the groom”s look as you come down the aisle, a card received, or someone spilling wine on your gown, waterproof mascara is a must. If you dislike the feel of the waterproof kind, simply apply a coat of regular first, then follow up with one coat of waterproof.

Use Brown, Navy, or Charcoal Eyeliner

Black eyeliner is too stark for weddings, even evening ones, so it is best to use lighter shades. You will want to apply some liner to give those eyes great definition for photos, but to keep from appearing harsh, stick with softer tones.

Have your Maid of Honor Tote Eye Drops

Red eyes are never attractive no matter how beautiful the bride or talented the makeup artist. But wedding days are long and often tiring for the eyes, so to keep yours looking as fresh as possible, ask your maid of honor, mother, or wedding coordinator to keep some eye drops handy.

Blend all Makeup Well

Wedding photos are notorious for finding every makeup line possible. Don”t forget your neck and chest as well; apply a bronzing powder to decolletage to keep lines from appearing there. Don”t use makeup though, or you will run the risk of staining your gown. Best to stick with powder.

Apply Makeup in the Same Lighting of the Ceremony and Reception Area

Makeup changes appearance in different lighting. Find out if there are bridal quarters where you can get ready at the wedding site, or find another location with the same lighting to apply your makeup.

photo credit: Dorota Dybala Photography

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