The Best Beauty Secret

When researching and planning a wedding, you see hundreds of photos and read stories of hundreds of brides.  There is something that has caught my eye lately while looking at random photos, and has gotten me to thinking…are brides happy?

Most brides, to be fair, are happy; not many get married with a sour or sad attitude. But I’m talking about ridiculously happy, the kind of happy that isn’t constantly thinking about having the perfect smile every time her picture is snapped or sucking her tummy in non-stop or making sure the proper side of her face is the only one photographed. The kind of happy that is radiantly beautiful no matter what because she IS beautiful, because the love and magic of this day shows in every swish of her dress, every glance at her husband, every star in her eyes.

Your wedding day will go by so very fast, almost in the blink of an eye. I believe that the moments you will regret will not be the moments that you failed to look perfect, but the moments that you failed to be a goof.

So my advice is to throw your head back and scrunch your nose in riotous laughter, take notice of the tear that your normally stoic dad has in the corner of his eye, dance the night away and don’t care if you look dorky, kiss and snuggle with the man you just made your life’s partner, lay your head on your mom’s shoulder and tell her you love her, flirt with the ring bearer, put your feet up for a bit, cherish every moment, and you will have the wedding of a lifetime…and the pictures to prove it! 🙂

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