Using Your Imagination for Wedding Fitness Motivation

It may seem odd that you would need anything more than the mere thought of looking fabulous in your wedding dress – or out of it on your honeymoon! – as motivation to get to the gym. But on those days when you”re overworked, overtired, overstressed, and a giant tub of Ben and Jerry”s looks irresistible and the thought of moving a muscle except to lift a spoon to your mouth seems impossible, you may need a little extra inspiration. That”s where your imagination can be be a priceless tool!

Women”s Health Magazine asked their Twitter followers to tweet their craziest, weirdest, or most random workout motivations using their imaginations using hashtag #gymspiration. Did they imagine running from zombies? Maybe an ex?

What followed was an outpouring of hilarious yet inspirational reasons to keep up the workouts even on the days you don”t feel like it. You can read the full story along with follower answers here, but we can”t help but list a few of our favorites!

@WomensHealthMag I imagine myself running on the beach in a James Bond bikini ala Halle Berry

@WomensHealthMag I pretend I”m on the @AmazingRace_CBS and I run faster and climb hills, if I”m running I”m winning!

@WomensHealthMag i think about people i dont like. “Looking good is the best revenge.”

@WomensHealthMag Swimming: imagine being chased by a shark!

What inspirational mental images make a workout motivational for you?

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