Say Bye-Bye to Boring with These Fun Fall Wedding Color Combinations!

Say Bye-Bye to Boring with These Fun Fall Wedding Color Combinations!

There is a movement that’s sweeping the bridal industry right now that is anything but traditional. Gone are the weddings of played-out pastels and variations of white on white. Today’s bride-to-be is taking the color volume for her wedding and cranking it up to ten! She isn’t afraid to break free from wedding trends of the past and blaze a trail of her own.

Whether you see yourself as subtle and sophisticated or you take pride in being outright bold, there’s color palette that you’ll fall in love with. If you’re looking for color combinations that will unapologetically bring out the wow factor for your big day, you’re going to want to add this page to your wedding planner. You don’t want to miss these wedding theme ideas and the dramatic color combinations that are sure to make your fall wedding ultra-memorable.

Oh-So Sophisticated Royal Reds & Blues

All the excitement over the recent royal wedding has unleashed a color combination that screams sophistication without being cliché. If you’re looking to bring a touch of royal elegance to your fall wedding, look no farther than the classic colors of red and blue. We aren’t talking boring standard crayon colors here, oh no! This color combination is full of variations that take your basic red and replace it with shades from burgundy to crimson and blues that range from a deep navy to a blue teal.

Don’t worry if you love these colors but don’t want to be too bright. These colors can easily take your big day to the next level without being too over-powering. Add in subtle hints of burgundy with nail polish, sprinkle in some navy to your place setting with navy name cards and you’re good to go! By adding these very slight touches of color, your wedding décor will now have that tasteful touch of sophistication you always wanted.

For you brides-to-be that are feeling extra bold, these options are for you! Ditch that traditional grey suit for your sexy sweetie; make sure that he stands out by having him wear a navy suit instead. This option is sure to make your man not just “one of the guys” when he’s standing next to his groomsmen. Want to leave your wedding reception in something that will make a statement? Be a rebel, and ride off in something classic like a brilliant red ’57 Chevy. There’s no rule that says you can’t carry your sophisticated colors with you all the way to the honeymoon suite. So be bold, be daring and rock the red and blue!

Mrs. Midas Touch in Gold

For all of you ladies who dream of a wedding dripping in gold, this one is for you. No tacky 80’s gold plating here, we’re talking about that shade of gold that is undeniably luxurious.  Adding this tone of gold to your wedding instantly catapults your wedding décor for Princess to straight Queen! Whether you decided to add just a little gold in your centerpieces or go all out with glittery gold cascading from the ceiling, either way, your décor has just had a Mrs. Midas makeover.

Can’t get enough sparkle in your life? Share it with your bridesmaids by making their dresses shimmer with a gold hue reminiscent of a fall wedding sunset. Let’s not forget about the cake when it comes to adding your golden touch. You can’t go wrong with some edible glitter to liven up a classic white cake. Pair this magical hue of gold with a darker color like navy blue, a rusty red or even a bright teal and you’ve created a color palette that is sure to turn heads.


Brilliantly Bohemian Chic

Planning a fall wedding can often make you think of chilly autumn nights and your favorite hoodie. Trust us, this next color selection is anything but cold. The color combination of matte copper, shades of amber, teal and turquoise has become synonymous with a wedding fit for Free Spirit brides.

Nothing says Bohemian chic like an arrangement of antique amber bottles filled with wildflowers. If you really want that Wild Child vibe for your fall wedding, step outside when it comes to deciding on flowers and inspiration. Try collecting some wild sunflowers and filling a copper pitcher to create a fantastic centerpiece or bridal bouquet. Your guest won’t be able to resist smiling at the sight of this ray of sunshine gracing your wedding décor. If you’re looking for more of Moroccan vibe, swap out the typical crystal and white votive candle for slightly aged hanging copper lanterns to add drama.

For a punch of color that can’t be ignored, teal and turquoise compliment the copper and amber tones flawlessly. This look can easily be termed as romantic with a rebellious side. Adorn your hair with colorful ribbons, create an unconventional seating area with an array of pillows in these signature colors – the options are endless for how brazen or understated you can be with these shades to work with. Dare to be creative!

The most wonderful thing about this playful mixture of color and elements is that it isn’t limited by its location. When it comes to venues, there’s no need to cage your gypsy soul with this color combination. Stunning would be an understatement when describing how these colors would look against an ocean backdrop. Can’t you just picture copper lanterns creating a path on warm sandy shores and the teal with turquoise playing off ocean view? Truly a romantic wedding color palette for the bride who’s a mermaid at heart!

Fiercely Feminine in Blush

Calling all fierce ladies who love to show off their love of pink! This color combination was made with you in mind. This color palette is all about celebrating the variations of the color pink and embracing your classy girly side. These colors drenched in romance with shades like blush pinks, dusty rose hues and just a touch of white. These colors pair perfectly against lush greenery and soft candle light on your place setting or as a sight to behold as you get ready to down the aisle.

Everything about this color palette says classical love. To pull off this look, dress your ladies in pinks that are inspired by nature. No pastel baby pinks here, these colors where taken straight for the most beautiful rose garden you can imagine. The colors in this palette range from a deep mauve to a pink that is just lightly kissed with white. Looking for the perfect flower to complement this theme but don’t want to spend a fortune on roses? Look for Ranunculus for that rose-like ambiance to complete this look for less.

To really give these pinks that pride of place they deserve, sprinkle in some vintage white accents, a touch of matte copper for sparkle and a deep green to create contrast. Unleash out your inner princess and take her to the next level with these colors that say fun, flirty and gracefully elegant!

 Earthly Elegance – Wine & Berry Palette

Bring on the wine and berries! This color palette speaks to the bride who can’t get enough of the great outdoors. That’s right you, nature-loving brides, we’re talking to you!  This color palette is full of berry and jewel tones that range from deep purple and blackberry shades and to cranberry and wine. This color palette is sure to saturate your wedding party in vibrant colors that will make your wedding photos breathe-taking!

In terms of how to inject these colors into your wedding, the options are astounding. With this color combination you can confidently choose a deep blueberry blue for your bridesmaids dresses, add berries to your wedding cake, cranberry colors on your place setting- the possibilities are infinite. Pulling off this look only has one rule: have fun!

Jewel tone colors in the blue and purple family complement each other in the most amazing way. Incorporate forest greens in your flowers, use deep jewel tones for just about everything and don’t hesitate to accent with gold, matte copper or classic crystal. Speaking of flowers, take a look at calla lilies for that perfect pop of color in your bouquets. Bring in that earthy element even farther by adding chocolate browns and wood accents too.

The key here is to take all those lovely earth tones and elevate them with a touch of ornate antiques. Try adding in some long tapered candles, vintage lace and décor that hints at the Victorian era. It’s hard to go wrong when putting together this color palette for your wedding. If you get stumped for inspiration, just take a walk in the woods and see how nature paired them.

Whether you’re a fall wedding purist who loves rusty reds and earth tones or you long for bright and bold, these color palettes can speak to every bride. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and create a look as unique as you! At the end of the day, it’s very simple. Pick colors that speak to the authentic you, add something that shimmers and marry them with a healthy dose of love and laughter.

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