6 Reasons a Yacht Blows Beach Weddings Out of the Water

1. Can’t wear what you want
Beach wedding experts strongly advise you to refrain from wearing any sort of large dress that might drag in the sand. That means no lace trim, no ballgowns, and certainly no high heels, for that matter! On a yacht, you won’t be walking on the sand, so you can still wear the dress you fell in love with in the first place.

2. Beaches aren’t private
All beaches in California are public–you won’t be able to rope off the beach from outsiders. Have the ceremony on the yacht and save the beach for the rest of the trip.

3. No alcohol on the beach
Most of the time, you can’t consume alcohol on the beach. Only a handful of beaches permit drinking alcohol. Not only do our yachts allow alcohol, but they even have fully stocked bars on their decks.

4. Lack of accessibility
The accommodations for the handicapped are limited on the beach. You would hate to leave out some family members or friends just because of a reason like this. We’re pleased to say that the Eternity is the first wheelchair accessible, ADA-approved vessel in Southern California with elevators to all 3 main decks.

5. Tides and weather
It’s very possible that half of the beach might become engulfed by the ocean, drenching the feet and pants of your guests. Likewise, rain on your wedding day will be even worse out on the sand. The weather is unpredictable, but the interior of our yachts will still make for a beautiful wedding venue regardless of the weather.

6. Forcing yourself to plan around the season
It seems that no matter how you plan a beach wedding, there will be an issue with the season: if the season is good, you can expect crowded beaches; if the season is bad, you can expect less than ideal weather. A yacht wedding can be done at any season–even Winter, when the boats out on the harbor are displaying their bright lights for the holidays.

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