Can you do Reception Only on the Yachts?Is there a Rehearsal?Is the Champagne Toast Included?Are There any Hotels in the Area?Is a Guest List Required?Are Gifts Allowed on the Yachts?

Is there a Rehearsal?

Rehearsals are scheduled Tuesday or Wednesday the week of the Wedding date at 5:00, 6:00 or 7:00 pm.  The coordinator that is assigned to your Wedding will meet you at the yacht to conduct the rehearsal.  This is complimentary.  Or the rehearsal can be during the pre-boarding time the day of the your Wedding (this…
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Is a Guest List Required?

Guest list is required for Eternity yacht only.  However it is nice to have so that our crew knows who has arrived and boarded the yacht and who is missing to alert the Bride and Groom before departure time.
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