Make Your Garden Wedding a Show-stopper With These 2019 Trends!

Ladies, these up-and-coming trends are taking the wedding industry by storm and turning it on its head! This coming year is steeped in self-expression and un-conventionalism.  If you’re a bride with a quirky side or maybe you’re just looking to give your garden wedding something unexpected, you’re going to want to keep reading. Here are a few tips to take your garden wedding to the next level.

Bring on the color!

At least for the moment, white and cream colored dresses have taken a back seat. Brides are embracing color in a big way, and the results are stunning. The runways are gracing us with dresses that are a true expression of the bride. The dresses are coming in shades of dusty rose, muted purples and even pops of bright yellow and emerald green. They have truly taken the garden wedding straight to the sewing machine for 2019. These dresses are a graceful mix of sophistication with a touch of fantasy, reminiscent of a sexy woodland nymph.  If you’re a bride-to-be that’s a bit on the bolder side, why not show it with a dress that celebrates your uniqueness instantly?  Your special day should be a reflection of your personality. Find a dress in a color you love and rock it down the aisle!

Floral Gowns

Love the idea of color but don’t want to make such a bold statement? No problem. Another gorgeous trend that you’ll see in magazines is floral wedding dresses.  While some designers are taking this trend to the max with dresses covered in floral prints, others are taking a more subtle approach.  Floral dresses are a great way to embrace the theme of a garden wedding in a very unanticipated way. Designers like Vera Wang are taking this trend up a notch from just adding a few flowers. The floral prints are bold, eye-catching and yet have an air of elegant we’ve come to love about her designs.  Some of her dresses are a play on tone-on-tone floral that match the dress color but still make a statement all their own.  Others are blatantly floral with flowers cascading down the length of the dress, contouring the lines of the dress and the bride’s body.

In love with the royal look?

If you’re one of the millions of future brides that fell in love with Meghan Markle’s dress but not the price tag, you’re in luck! Almost instantly designers all over the world were coming up with a way for a replicate dress but make it more affordable.  A quick Google search and you can have your dress look just like hers. It can be delivered to your door for just a few hundred dollars instead of thousands.  Sites like Revolve and Theoutnet have mastered the look of Meghan’s A-frame dress, right down to the very flattering off-the-shoulder neckline and still kept it budget friendly. This simple yet elegant dress would be amazing amongst the backdrop that a garden wedding offers. Just imagine walking down the aisle in this dress, surrounded by greenery and the magical sparkle of a few fireflies.  For those planning a nighttime garden wedding, this dress will leave your guest speechless paired with the soft glow of candlelight.

Want to look even more like royalty? Add a tiara! Nothing brings out your royal side more than a bit of sparkle in the form of a small crown. Add a little bling to match your fashion-forward dress and take in the feeling of being Queen for a day. Whether you choose one made of simple pearls, a few white rhinestones, or make it a bit funky with colored-stones…either way it’s bound to make you feel extra special. Wear it with pride and a smile!

Incorporating flowers into your attire isn’t just for the bride anymore. The groom and groomsman have definitely been included in the trend too. For them, the key is to mix and match florals with subtle dots and checkered patterns. Again this is a chance for the men to inject some of their personality into their attire and set themselves apart in a great way.  Take elements of your garden wedding colors and see what kind of combinations you can come up with, have fun with it. Why not try mixing a grey suit with an emerald green tie and a light purple pocket square for a look that’s classic with a touch of whimsy?

Capture the moment with a drone!

When it comes to capturing all the priceless moments of your garden wedding, this next trend is truly unexpected. Drones! Yep, you read that right. 2019 brings with it the use of drones to capture your wedding from a view no phone or traditional camera could. Imagine of all the amazing shots you can get of the entire wedding from this little gem of technology. What could be more amazing than an aerial view of your event? This is also a great way to capture video messages from your guest without them feeling awkward about talking to a stranger, just talk to the drone.  While a traditional photographer may be limited on where they can take photos depending on light, space, and timing…this little fella is only limited by range and battery life – and both are an easy fix. How great would it be to have a video from the groom’s perspective as you walk down the aisle?

Unplugged Ceremonies

Here’s a trend for 2019 for your garden weddings that may come as a shock to your guest – being unplugged!  Guest are being asked to see the wedding as a “no phone” zone. Being that we’re so surrounded by technology, this may seem extreme. This movement is encouraging couples to put up signs requesting that phones for turned off for the wedding. Why? Well, it’s simple. They want the focus to be more on the wedding and all who are attending and nothing else. If you’re having a garden wedding, this may speak to you in terms of creating that sense of escape from the rest of life.  A garden is meant to be a peaceful place, free from the distractions of daily life and being unplugging is a good way to get closer to nature. Not to worry, you won’t miss anything. Between the drone and a great photographer, one of them is bound to capture that special moment for you. After the ceremony, feel free to “share” away but in the meantime, just enjoy the beautiful garden wedding and those you love. Embrace the freedom of turning off your ringer and let yourself be fully present in this moment.

Let’s talk décor

Décor for your reception can be tricky when you’re planning a garden wedding.  Whether your wedding is indoors or outside, keep these trends in mind to create the perfect atmosphere.  In 2019, the trending colors can easily be adjusted to tie flawlessly into almost any color scheme you already have in mind.  Fashion experts are predicting that the 2019 wedding trend will consist of various shades of purples and greens. These colors can make their appearance in anything from elaborate centerpieces to the ribbon around your bouquets.  Whether you love the idea of rich, almost jewel tone colors or something a bit softer, you can’t go wrong with this color combination.

While in past years the trend may have been to give a rustic vibe to your wedding, 2019 has a slightly fantasy-inspired and elegant flair to it. Gone are the days of bringing the outdoors in quite so literally. Instead, this color scheme and decorative style focuses more on showcasing flowers. This can be in the form of hanging floral arrangements or beautiful centerpieces to adorn each table. The goal here is to truly feel like you’ve stepped into an artfully decorated garden with plenty of fragrance and color to delight your senses.

When it comes to place settings, the up-coming trend is to mix and match pieces to create a feeling of fun and whimsy. This lends itself perfectly to the garden wedding theme, the idea of caring less about formality and more about enjoying your company and merriment of your wedding.  Again, this trend seems to speak directly to the bride who can’t resist being a bit of a playful rebel. So don’t worry about having the perfect table setting. Instead gather up place settings from your kitchen, family, and friends…let each place setting be a nod to those who are sharing your special day with you.

It appears that adding a personal touch to place settings has come back into style too. Guest will no longer be seating themselves, there are personized place cards to for each guest. The cards are made with the guest in mind and may even include a special note to them. This is a fantastic way to welcome your guest to sit and enjoy the feast and take in the sights and sounds of your garden wedding.

These trends are sure to make your garden wedding one for the record books! People will be talking for years about how your wedding transported them to a place full of wonder, magical and love. The beautiful flowers, depth of colors and personal touches will give your big day a personality all its own.

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