Bizarre Marriage Laws in America

A recent article in the Huffington Post highlighted some of the strangest marriage laws around America, showing us that just when you thought wedding planning couldn”t get any more challenging, it could actually be worse if you live in the states with these bizarre laws!


In Utah, first cousins are permitted to marry each other, but only if both are at least 65 years of age. Well, they technically may marry if they are both 55 years old, but only if neither of them are able to reproduce!


In this great state, marriage licenses may be denied if the circuit court clerk issuing the document believes the applicants are drunk or insane…or just an imbecile.


Intended for members of the military, “double proxy” marriages allow a couple to be married even when the couple isn”t present. The bride or groom can authorize another person to stand in for them during the ceremony. Once the judge leads the proxies through the marriage vows and the proxies sign the required paperwork, the “original” couple is married. Other states allow “single proxy” marriages, but Montana is the only state to allow both the bride and groom to be absent from the ceremony.


This state allows an annulment if one or both of the parties got married as a dare or in jest. Don”t play truth or dare and dare anyone to get married!

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