Four Christmas Collections For All Your Years

My husband and I married on a gorgeous late September day. Just a few short months later, we celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple. Like many couples, we wanted to begin a Christmas tradition of collecting a certain item each Christmas, a tradition that would follow us through the years – till death do us part.

Lots of couples begin a collection of any number of things, ranging from Christmas tree ornaments or elves to miniature sleighs or small nativities. Here are a four ideas for great yearly mementos for each you are married.

Christmas Bears
We will start with this idea because it is what my husband and I chose to collect each year. My very first bear was a simple plush white bear wearing a crocheted red sweater with a green pine tree. He has the year 1997 stamped on his foot. We displayed him on the couch that year. This year, 18 years later, we purchased the 2014 bear – a small lady bear with a red, green, and white polka dot dress. We have yet to decide where to display all 18 bears!

Christmas Village Pieces
Nothing says classic Christmas like a table-top Christmas village. Churches, ski schools, nativities, wineries, toy shoppes, carolers, greenhouses, homes, lamp posts, Santa and his sleigh, frosted trees, and much more are available for these lovely displays. Each special piece will be a unique reminder of your love through the years. Use a magic marker to write the correct year on the bottom of each piece.

Jingle all the Way Shadow Box
You can find easy tutorials on how to make “Jingle all the Way” shadow box decorations. Put your names and the year of your first Christmas, then place two red (any color, really) bells inside – one for each of you. Each year thereafter, place two bells of any other color inside. Use a magic marker to write the date on each bell, then watch as the bells and the years pile up!

Christmas Tree Decorations
This is one of the most popular collections to commemorate all your Christmases together. They can be romantic or quirky, but make sure they either have the date marked on them or use a magic marker to do it yourself.

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