The Art of Frugal Anniversary Celebrations

Every anniversary deserves to be celebrated well. But spending several thousands of dollars on your wedding and honeymoon, and then settling into the full financial reality of married life, can leave you with little in the First Anniversary Celebration fund. Most couples want to celebrate their first anniversary in grand style – in fact, most couples want to celebrate every anniversary to its fullest. After all, each year is yet another that you have beaten the odds and fallen even deeper in love.

But just because you do not have a lot of money does not mean you cannot give your anniversary the honor it deserves. We have a few ideas to help you enjoy and remember your anniversary frugally and romantically.

Go out to breakfast instead of dinner
Breakfast is always cheaper than dinner, so get up with the sun or sleep late – your choice. Make love, then start your day off right with a lingering breakfast at your favorite restaurant.

Make dinner at home
Preparing food yourself saves significant money, so you can even splurge on one special item, if you like. Make it a full romantic evening by cooking together. Put some Frankie and Nat King Cole on the playlist, don some aprons, pour a glass of red, and let the romance begin!

Go out for dessert instead of dinner
This is a great way to save some dough and still get out. Especially if you have kids, this gives you some time alone without breaking the bank on both dinner and childcare for a full meal! You could even get Dairy Queen Blizzards from the drive-through and go parking at your favorite hide-away. 😉

Get physical
No, not that! Well, yes that, too! But in addition, take the day and go hiking, biking, or bowling. Then come home and take a shower together.

Speak a new language
Learn how to say happy anniversary and I love you in at least three different languages (other than English).

Look back, look forward
If you keep a journal or a calendar of fun past events, snuggle up with a glass of wine and read through it. Go slowly. Smile. Laugh. Remember when. Flirt. Enjoy.

Then grab some paper and a pen and dream about the year to come. Set short-term goals. Set long-term goals. Set personal goals. Set goals as a couple. Dream big. Dream small.

Get take-out, dress up, and dance
Order take-out from your favorite inexpensive restaurant, set up a bistro table in your living room, put on the little black dress, and turn on the music. Begin your meal, and dance when you feel like it. It is your own personal upscale restaurant, complete with a dance floor. Linger long at the table. Dance slowly. Dance sexy. Reminisce. Flirt. Take your shoes off and dance. Take your clothes off and dance. Well, you get the idea…

Whether it is your first or your thirty-first, you can always master the art of frugal anniversary celebrations – in fine style!

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