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Valentine’s Day; Celebrating Love, Not Just Lovers

Lovers love Valentine's Day, but those who are single often feel excluded and dislike the day. But that need not be the case. V-Day is about celebrating love – all kinds of love. The erotic love between husband and wife, the familial love between parents and kids, the brotherly love between siblings and friends. The…
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A Valentine on the High Seas: The Story of Electra

The yachts that make up the stunning fleet of Electra Cruises are as unique as they are luxurious.  Each exquisite vessel holds her own among Newport Beach’s lovely ladies of the sea, lending her own distinct personality to the weddings and events held aboard her. The namesake of our elite fleet of yachts, the Electra,…
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Timeless Expressions of Love

February - the month of love and all things pink, red, and heart-shaped - is finally here. Comedian Jim Gaffigan said, “Without Valentine’s Day, February would be…well, January.” Therefore, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we’ve compiled some of the finest romantic, quirky love quotes of all time. Enjoy! The best smell in the world is…
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