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8 Common Wedding Problems (and How a Wedding Planner Can Help You Conquer Them)

Weddings are fun, beautiful, memorable…and stressful. You are juggling coming up with the seating chart, picking out the perfect dress, deciding on invitations, let alone selecting a wedding venue. What many may not know is that the planning doesn’t stop there. Let’s face it, as much as you plan, chances are, something will come up…
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7 Embarrassing Scenarios That Could Happen at Your Wedding Reception (And How to Handle Them Like a Pro)

You rented out the wedding venue. You hired the DJ, caterer, photographer, and videographer. Everything is all set up, and even then, you may find yourself on the receiving end of an embarrassing situation at your wedding reception. Whether it’s your sister drinking one too many glasses of Champaign and sharing some too personal childhood…
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Top Wedding Reception Themes

A wedding reception is important. It’s not just an after party. It’s the celebration of two people joining their lives together. It’s a milestone in this crazy thing called life. With that in mind, there is no one-size-fits-all wedding reception. Every couple is different. And, with that, their needs are different too. For that reason,…
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6 Ways to Have a Rockin Reception

  Parties of any kind, including wedding receptions, thrive on activity. Since weddings have two distinct parts, it can be difficult to plan and create a party atmosphere with sustainable energy while also working to plan a beautiful and romantic ceremony. To make sure that your after-party does not seem like an after-thought, try some…
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Reception Idea: Chalkboard Vases

  I love Monday''s! I always look forward to reading Get Married''s “Gotta Have It Mondays” to find fun and unique ideas. This Monday, they are featuring a really cool item that not only would totally rock for a reception idea, but I also want in my home! The chalkboard vase is a fabulous little…
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