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If Married People Could Do Their Wedding Reception and Ceremony Over Again, Here’s What They Would Do

We often discuss wedding reception ideas, wedding etiquette, coping with stress before the wedding, you name it. However, what we can sometimes forget is that we are not alone when it comes to planning. Several—and by several, we mean millions— have walked down the aisle before. That being said, married Redditors reveal what they would…
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8 Common Wedding Problems (and How a Wedding Planner Can Help You Conquer Them)

Weddings are fun, beautiful, memorable…and stressful. You are juggling coming up with the seating chart, picking out the perfect dress, deciding on invitations, let alone selecting a wedding venue. What many may not know is that the planning doesn’t stop there. Let’s face it, as much as you plan, chances are, something will come up…
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