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Al & Margaret

Dear Lorraine, I can’t wait another day, to tell you how absolutely wonderful our 70th Anniversary Cruise turned out. From us - nothing but accolades in EVERY respect! Lest I forget it, thanks for coming aboard to express your kindness before our sailing. Frankly, I can’t thing of a single thing which I’d want to…
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Maureen & Ling

Hi Lorraine, The wedding was great, both us and all of our guests had a great time!!! Thank you so much for all the coordination and help, love you and Electra Cruises!  Best Ling
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Jess & Karlo

Good morning Lorraine, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help during the wedding planning process. You were always so quick with emails and so friendly with us even through our million questions haha can you please tell Angelica thank you for the day of coordination everything went so smoothly I…
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Erica & Adam

It was absolutely beautiful We got married on Eternity, 03/19/2017 and it was absolutely beautiful. Everything was perfect! Lorraine was my wedding planner and Star was the wedding coordinator. Thank you, for all your hard work. I highly recommend Austin for DJ. He was able to cater to Persian and Latin people with this great…
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Our wedding was the perfect day Words could never express how beautiful Saturday was!! We had a very meaningful and special ceremony at our temple with family and close friends, and then what a party we had!! It was amazing and everything went EXACTLY how it was planned! Your crew were the nicest and most…
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best day of our life

Thanks to Electra Cruises, Our wedding day was literally the best day of our life. I spent months worrying that something that something was going to go wrong (like every bride does), and the whole thing went without a hitch – it was an absolutely perfect night. What we loved most about Electra Cruises was…
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