Lido Marina Village Revamp Increases Appeal for Outdoor Wedding

If you’ve walked around Lido Marina Village within the last few years, you’ve probably noticed the construction crews drilling and operating machinery along the waterfront. What this means for Lido business owners, visitors, and the community is a variety of new shops, delicious restaurants, and beautiful waterfront views for all to enjoy. Let’s just say those who are about to have their outdoor wedding in the area are in for a treat. That said, take a look at how far Lido Marina Village has come!

How Lido Marina Village Went from Neglected Enclave to Bustling Commercial Hub

Despite Lido’s beautiful view of Newport Harbor and quintessential charm, as much as three-quarters of commercial space had been vacant for years—some, even decades (several were still abandoned long after we moved in)—due to a suffering economy.

Eventually, this began to change in 2014 thanks to construction efforts by DJM Capital Partners, which leads the multimillion-dollar remodel. As you’ve most likely seen, since construction, several of the streets, walkways, and storefronts have been refurbished.

New fresh brick line the streets and stores glisten with fresh paint. Now, Lido Marina Village looks refreshed and modernized while still keeping its undeniable charm.[1]

It’s safe to say that the area is coming full circle to where it all began…

A Glimpse of Lido Marina Village from the Past

Origianlly, Lido Marina Village, an enclave of Newport Beach, CA, was developed in the 1970s as a hustling and bustling commercial hub. In fact, it even had a bit of a party scene.

The Warehouse is a Treasured Memory of Lido Marina Village’s 1970’s Lavish Past

The Warehouse, one of if not the most iconic Polynesian restaurants in the area, was known as a celebrity hangout during the 1970s.

Specifically, John Wayne had attended the eatery’s grand opening and Robert Goulet was known to frequent the tiki joint.[2]

And, we understand why. The commercial space sits on a prime area of real estate with a beautiful, panoramic view of the water (the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding). It also was (and still is) accessible to boats, which at the time could easily pull up and dock alongside the waterfront, allowing the passengers to get out and conveniently grab a bite to eat.

While The Warehouse was the emblem for Lido’s 1970s lavishness, eventually the 1,600-square-foot space closed in the late 90s and was vacant all the way up until its demolition.

Although The Warehouse isn’t physically a part of the Lido community anymore, it still serves as a reminder of its nostalgic past.

Other Buildings Were Turned Over, Showing the Beginning of a New Era for Lido

Other old buildings besides The Warehouse have also turned over. Lines of three-story townhomes have replaced St. James the Great Episcopal Church.[3] And even the old city hall is now a quaint boutique hotel.[4]

What’s left from the “good ol’ days” (as far as DJM properties) is but a few tenants including Curl Fitness gym and Lido Village Books.[5]

A New Chapter is Turned

After much construction, several tenants have now moved in. Luxury pet store chain, Charlie & Me, known for its boutique pet must-haves, have opened its doors. As well as trendy beverage businesses, Honor Coffee Roasters and Lido Bottle Works.[6]

And, even 4 years after the remodel began, two more shops are expected to open this year: fried fish joint, Circle Hook, and Hawaiian-based Malibu Farm Café.[7]

The up-and-coming fried fish eatery is said to offer customers healthier fish & chip options. While Malibu Farm Café is well known for its fresh, local, and organic ingredients.[8]

Overall, the new tenants offer a variety of boutique and eatery options to Lido natives, residents, and visitors, making the enclave more cutting edge yet still equally charming.

The Purpose of the Lido Marina Village Revamp

According to The Orange County Registrar, “The goal [for the Lido Marina Village revamp is to] modernize the throwback property without sacrificing its charm.”[9]

It is the charm that makes Lido Marina Village a favorite among locals and visitors. And, it’s why people keep coming back. Stripping Lido Marina Village of this would only water it down and turn it into another stereotpyical beach town, which DJM Partners didn’t want to do…

What DJM’s Plans Are

In fact, the San Jose firm wants to make upgrades to Lido Marino Village, turning the 116,000-square foot enclave into a more appealing shopping and dining district to locals and visitors—but still keep its charm.

With this plan already set in motion, here’s what everyone can look forward to…

What Lido Business Owners Can Look Forward To

With the new tenants and refurbishment and construction efforts, Lido Marina Village is returning to the pedestrian-friendly enclave it once was.

Lido business owners can expect more potential customers, as more Newport Beach natives and visitors flock to Lido to explore the hopping restaurants and trendy boutiques—all while looking out on the waterfront, enjoying the laid back atmosphere.

What You Can Look Forward To

Now that much of the construction has finished and several of the tenants have moved in, explore what Lido Marina Village has to offer you.

Take a glimpse of its 1970’s lavish past by visiting The Warehouse’s old stomping grounds. Or, shop at an array of luxury boutiques for one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. And, then enjoy al fresco dining by the waterside where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the day.

Plenty of Photography Opportunities for Your Outdoor Wedding

The new and improved Lido Marina Village waterfront is now an even better setting for outdoor wedding pictures.

Before boarding and enjoying your outdoor wedding on one of our five luxurious yachts, your photographer can take beautiful, candid photos of you two overlooking Newport Harbor. Now you will have not just several pics onboard the yacht but also on the waterfront as well.

Final Thoughts

Construction is still in full force, with several other commercial spaces opening up in the near future. What we can say is that it’s an exciting time for the Lido residents and this longtime Lido-based company.

So far, the results are beautiful. We are looking forward to the many new changes Lido Marina Village is undergoing, and can’t wait to see how it looks once all the tenants are moved in and the project is completely finished. We will be sure to keep you posted about the progress in the upcoming future. But now we want to know your thoughts?

If you live in or have recently visited Lido Marina Village, what do you think about the project? How has Lido Marina Village benefited from the remodel? What restaurants, boutiques, and shops have you been to? Which ones are on your go-to list? Would you have an outdoor wedding on or near the waterfront? Let us know!

We’d love to read what you have to say; please feel free to share your opinions, comments and questions in the comments section below.


  • Construction in Lido Marina Village has been underway since 2014
  • Because of a suffering economy, a lot of commercial space had been empty
  • In 2014, DJM Capital Partners, which leads the extensive project, started construction
  • Several of the streets, walkways, and storefronts are now refurbished
  • While many others are demolished
  • Over the years, Lido Marina Village has come full circle, back to its roots as a hustling and bustling commercial hub
  • The Warehouse, one of Lido Marina Village’s most iconic Polynesian restaurants, was known as a celebrity hub during the 1970s
  • John Wayne had visited the eatery at its grand opening, and Robert Goulet would frequent the place
  • The Warehouse eventually closed in the 90s and sadly stayed vacant until it was torn down
  • Even though The Warehouse isn’t physically around, it still represents Lido’s lavish past
  • James church and the old city hall too were turned over; townhomes have replaced the church and the city hall is now a boutique hotel
  • The Lido community welcomes new tenants like Charlie & Me and Honor Coffee Roasters
  • The overall goal for Lido Marina Village is to modernize it without taking away its charm
  • Because more people are coming Lido to explore the new hopping eateries and quaint boutiques, Lido businesses can expect more prospective clients
  • Residents and visitors can expect a variety of storefronts ranging from quaint shop to trendy restaurant
  • Those having an outdoor wedding can now have beautiful picture on and off one of our luxury yachts

To learn more about our all-inclusive wedding packages or have your outdoor wedding questions answered, please feel free to contact Electra Cruises! One of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.


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