3 Situations You Need to Prepare For If You Are Having an Outdoor Wedding

You have imagined for years now having that beautiful outdoor wedding on the beach. You and your partner are smiling ear and ear as you both take your first steps as a married couple.

In your dreams, there is a nice, refreshing breeze. And, just enough sea gulls are flying overhead to show that you are in fact at the beautiful beach you paid an arm and a leg to rent.

However, unlike your fantasies, depending on the location and time of the year, you could run into rain, a heat wave, and, yes, even a wave of annoying insects.

Still, these small albeit irritating reminders from Mother Nature do not have to spoil your special day. In fact, taking some time to prepare for the worst will alleviate the stress and ensure your speacial day is the best.

That being said, read on to learn about 3 potential situations that could happen at your outdoor wedding, and what you can do to manage them and keep them under control.

1. It Starts to not Just Drizzle, But Pour

You have checked the weather forecast five times a day for the past month leading up to your big day. So far, the news has indicated that you are due for some light clouds but overall a non-rainy, beautiful day on your wedding.

You feel relieved only to wake up on your big day to find not just a slight drizzle but a tumultuous downpour. In which case, you are wondering if it may be best to reschedule.

When You Should Reschedule: Making the Best Out of The Very Worst Case Scenario

First off, take some deep breaths and keep calm. Then, check the news and radio to determine what you are working with. Are the roads blocked because of loose debris? Is there traffic?

If so, and it is too dangerous for guests to come to your outdoor wedding—or you risk waiting for hours for everyone to arrive—call the wedding venue to see if you can rebook. (At times like these, it becomes life-saving to have your wedding planner by your side who can do all of the rescheduling for you.)

And, of course, be sure you have notified your guests that the official wedding reception will take place on a later date.

However, what you can do is make the best from the worst by streaming  your wedding ceremony at the nearby courthouse for your guests to watch. Then, after the storm clears up, reconvene with the wedding plans.

When You Shouldn’t Reschedule: It’s Only Some Non-Threatening Rain

On the other end of the spectrum, there is some slight rain on your wedding day. In which case, the wedding is still on—just some small changes.

Since you prepared in advance, you have umbrellas for your guests and some decorative, wedding-inspired tarps on the ground of your outdoor wedding so guests’ shoes don’t sink into the wet ground. Everything is under control.

2. Swarms of Insects in the Air Means Some Changes But No Cancelation

You are having your outdoor wedding during the summertime. Although you get to enjoy the sunshine and breeze, the humid weather during the summer months attracts, yes, you guessed it, insects.

You’ve heard about couples battling rain and even thunder on their wedding days. But what about a storm of pesky insects?

So, what do you do?

Your first go-to does not have to be bug spray. Which as we know it can get sticky and feel uncomfortable while wearing formal attire.

That said, why not light several citronella tiki torches around the perimeter of your wedding? According to Westchester Magazine, insects absolutely despise citronella and will leave you and your guests alone.

The magazine also goes on to state that bags of sugar water can also help do the job, attracting the bugs to this food source and leaving you and your guests alone to enjoy the special occasion.

Another option is, when you are booking the venue, to schedule it during the late morning when the insects are not as active. If you book it later in the evening, the mosquitos will be out and flying around.

Instead of Bug Spray, Try This

If you are still worried about the pesky flying critters but are against using chemical bug spray, why not try a more natural alternative? You can pay a visit to your local health food store and purchase non-chemical buy spray.

Or simply dab some oil of lemon eucalyptus oil. According to WebMD, the oil is just as strong as DEET. You can also add this to the “goodie bags” you give to your guests. That way, if one of your guests forget the bug spray, you have some for him or her.

(On a seprate note, make sure you notify your guests via email or phone of this change so they can prepare ahead of time for the insects.)

Overall, by taking these proactive steps, you ensure a happy and memorable day on your wedding day minus the annoyance and disturbance of hundreds of insects.

When guests look back on this memory, becuase of all of your preparation, they will remember the joy on you and your partner’s faces as you start your first day as a married couple. (The insects will be the last thought, if no thought at all.)

3. Get Ready for that Heat Wave

Insects are not the only potential problem you have to worry about when having an outdoor wedding during the summer. Depending on the location, heat waves are something you need to be prepared for—especially if very young children and elderly adults are attending.

Having your wedding is in the middle of a heat wave does not mean your guests have to suffer. In fact, with some preparation, you can save the day and provide a more comfortable experience for them. Here’s how.

What you can do

Give out mini, hand-held fans and misters in your goodie bags and hand them to guests when they arrive. (Make sure that the batteries are already in them and they are in full working order.)

You can also make sure that your outdoor wedding has canapies to block out the sun and heat. If this is not possible, you can give parasoles to guests so they can protect themselves from the heat.

And, while you are at it, make sure you are liberal with the sunscreen. The last thing you want to have are wedding pictures of you, your partner, and guests sunburned.

(Speaking of which, mini sunscreen is also a great party favor to put in goodie bags, not to mention setting up a water station for guests to grab a bottle when they need to.)

Then again, to minimize any chance of heat wave affecting your big day, plan you outdoor wedding in the early morning when the sun has not yet come out and the heat hasn’t had a chance to set in.

In the Worst Case Scenario

If worse comes to worst, and the heat wave is especially brutal and shows no signs of letting up, have a Plan B indoors option nearby where you and your guests can quickly head over to.

Final Thoughts: Your Outdoor Wedding Can Be Enjoyable

Even if you have to fight off rain, insects, and heat waves, you can still have a beautiful outdoor wedding. Making sure you are proactive and taking steps to prevent such situations from happening will save you and your guests stress come time for your big day.

Did you have an outdoor wedding? If so, what was the weather like? Let us know by commenting in the comments sections below.


  • Prepare against rain by buying umbrellas for your guests in advance
  • If worse come to worst, and the rain is making the roads to dangerous to be one, reschedule the venue and stream your wedding for your guests who cannot make it
  • Then have the wedding receptions at a later date
  • Should a buzzing swarm of insects try to ruin your special day, use citronella oil to steer them away
  • Also, hang up bags of sugar water, which will attract insects
  • If you must put on bug spray but don’t want to douse yourself in chemicals, consider lemon eucalypus oil
  • Supposedly, it is just as strong and, as a bonus, is all natural
  • Take your wedding to the next step by offering small bottles of lemon eucalyptus oil in guests’ goodie bugs
  • That way, should they have missed the notice about the bugs, they still can protect themselves and feel comfortable during the and after the wedding ceremony
  • In the case that a heat wave happens at your outdoor wedding, be proactive and put mini fans, misters, sunscreen, and water in your guests’ goodie bags
  • Also, hang up canapies and, if worst comes to worst, have a Plan B indoor wedding venue to go to if the rays are too strong

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