What to Put in Your Wedding Reception Goodie Bags

It is not uncommon for those getting married to gives guests wedding goodie bags as an extra treat and thank you for attending the wedding. However, when it comes to picking out what to put in them, you may be stumped.

Should you go with the practical and buy goodies that will makes guests’ wedding experiences more comfortable? Should you go with themed party favors to match your themed wedding? Or, perhaps some party favors like streamers and candy for a more laid back wedding? Or, why not some of each?

No matter what, the last thing you want is for your guests not to have a good time and not enjoy their goodies bags. To prevent that from happening, read on to learn about several goodie bag recommendations that are sure to make guests smile and enjoy the special occasion.

1. Think About the Weather

The truth is, especially if you have an outdoor wedding, the wedding is a big deal and can dictate what you put in your goodie bags.

Fight Off Heat Waves with these Goodies

For instance, if it is especially hot, fill the goodie bag with a water bottle, mini sunscreen, mister, and fan, not to mention some party sunglasses, if you have the extra room in your wedding budget.

Battle the Pouring Rain with Party Favors

If it rains, you can give them umbrellas and a small wedding-themed wash cloth to dab off any mud on shoes or clothes.

Say No More to Annoying Insects with These Items

And, in the case of a swarm of annoying insects, why not give guests some chemical-free bug spray, along with a miniature tub of anti-itch cream for bug bites should the occasional insect happen to get past the spray.

All in all, having these practical party favors in your goodie bags no only demonstrates to guests that you care but will physically help them have a good time at your big day.

2. But Don’t Forget the Fun

While it is important to remember and prepare for all wedding conditions, that doesn’t mean you should throw out the more fun party items in favor of the practical.

Put Some Candy in the Goodie Bags

Why not add some candy to quench guests’ sweet tooths while they are watching the cermony?

(However, try to make sure it is not wrapped in paper that will be loud when unwrapped. For this reason, you may want to “do a test run” and unwrap the candy first to determine the noise level.)

If you believe the candy will be a noisy deterrance during the wedding, you can always choose to have your brides maids hand out the goodie bags after the wedding ceremony, during the wedding reception.

However, please remember to keep the wedding venue in mind when it comes to giving food and water, as some venues won’t allow it. In the case that you are not sure if the venue will or won’t allow a certain food, it is always a safe bet to ask in advance.

3. Themed Party Favors are a Chance to Show Off Your Wedding Theme

Do you have a beach wedding? Or perhaps a destination wedding? Or maybe a Hawaiin vacation wedding? Either way, get guests excited by welcoming them to your themeed wedding with a themed party goodie bag just for them.

For That Beach Wedding

If it is is a beach wedding, some fun goodie bag favors to add are seashells. Seashells not only are the epitome of the beach but can serve as unique and great collectibles.

(To save you time, if you have a large party, you may want to buy these in bulk online instead of digging for them at the beach.)

Like with the more pragmatic gift favors, a mini tube of sunscreen can be a great relief to guests while also adding a themed touch.

And, for the adult-only goodie bags, why not put in some mini margarita packets and a mini bottle of alcohol to imitate that traditional maragarita on the beach? (For kids, a small juice or bottle of water can be a great alternative.)

When it Comes to that Hawaiian Themed Wedding, Here are Party Favors You Can’t Miss Out On

Similar to a beach wedding, a Hawaiian wedding brings out the best of summer while adding a touch of the beautiful Hawaiian culture.

In which case, why not include a flowered lei in each guests’ wedding reception goodie bag, as this is the epitome of a Hawaiian welcoming gift.

You can also add a few surf magnets and, like with the beach themed wedding goodie bags, throw in some pina colada ingredients in the adult party favor bags. (For the kids, you may want to put in fruit punch, pineapple juice, or coconut water.)

Welcome Guests to Your Destination Wedding with These Party Favors

Is your wedding also a vacation? Has your guests traveled near and far to attend your big day?

If so, why not welcome them to the hotel with a destination wedding themed goodie bag? Here are some party favor options you can throw in to make guests feel comfortable, at home, and ready for the wedding reception and ceremony:

In Case They Missed an Item While Packing

We all have had it where we forget our toothbrush, shampoo, or tooth paste when we travel. And, it can be a nuissance to go out and go to a convenience store or market when we finally get to our hotel. We are tired, not to mention cranky from the jet lag.

Well, your guests are no different. Out of the several that you do invite who attend, chances are, one or two (or, let’s face it, several) are bound to forget that conditioner bottle or face wash. In which case your goodie bag comes to the rescue.

Why not give them an assortment of mini travel necessities? These can include but are not limited to shampoo, conditioner, wash clothe, face wash, body wash, tooth brush, tooth paste, mint, and makeup remover wipes.

By giving them several travel essentials, you are saving your tired guests from that taking that trip to the market and are helping them feel more comfortable and cared for when they arrive.

Get Your Guests Excited for Your Destination Wedding

Yes, guests may be tired. But that does not mean you can’t get them excited about the big day and rest of the trip that is ahead.

Why not give them wedding-inspired party favors to put them in the wedding spirit? It can be as simple as a couple of photos of you and your partner and a personal thank you note to them for taking the long trek to attend your wedding.

By going the extra mile, you remind guests at their most tired and jet lagged why they made the long journey : to celebrate the love and care you and your partner have for one another, as you take your next steps as a married couple.

Final Thoughts: Your Party Favors For Your Wedding Reception Don’t Have to Be a Drag

As you can see, your wedding reception party favors don’t have to be boring. You can inspire guests with personal goodies, help them feel more comfortal with some practical necessities, and get them in the wedding spirit by giving them fun, themed party favors.

This, in turn, shows them that you appreiate their support for your wedding celebration and new marriage. What wedding reception party favors did you put in your goodie bags? Let us know by commenting in the comments section below.


  • Wedding receptions goodie bags do not have to be uninspiring and boring
  • In fact, you can use them in a way to communicate how much you both love and care for your friends and family, and appreciate their support for the two of you
  • With so many options to choose from, you can decide on going more practical, wedding-themed, fun, or a little of everything
  • When it comes to the practical party favors, take note of the wedding
  • If it is rainy, an umbrella and wash cloth are great favors
  • If your outdoor wedding is taking place during a heat wave, prepare ahead of time by giving guests sunscreen, water, misters, and more
  • In the case that you have a wedding in the middle of a raging storm of insects, make sure to arm your guests with chemical-free bug spray and anti-itch bug spray
  • While these practaical goodies are great go-tos, don’t forget the fun by incorporating—yes, you guessed it—candy into your good bags
  • Make sure, however, that the candy is not too noisy; if it is, hand the goodie bags out during the wedding reception, not the wedding ceremony
  • Should you choose to have a themed wedding, be sure to welcome guests with party favors that go along with the theme; that way they are excited for your wedding

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