Benefits of a Sunday Wedding

Most weddings are held on Saturdays, since fewer people work on the weekends and parents need not worry about a school night if the ceremony is held in the evening.

But the popularity of Saturday weddings all but guarantees that most ceremony and reception sites are booked as much as 18 months in advance in the summer season, and many even fall, winter, and spring.

Planning a Sunday wedding may reduce your costs significantly, as well as raise your chances of booking the site you want for your wedding date. Sundays are also usually a day that many people take off of work, so most of your friends and family will still be able to attend.

Many restaurants will close for your reception on Sunday, and have special Sunday packages or rates. Bands, DJs, photographers, and videographers are more likely to be available on Sundays as well.

So check out the Sunday date closest to your preferred wedding date, and see if holding your nuptials on a Sunday will work in your best interest.

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