Bridal Makeup Tips, Tricks, and Hints

Whether your makeup plan is to go with the bare minimum or the full-on route, your wedding day is not the time to risk last-minute makeup emergencies or disasters. So before you walk down the aisle, take some time to experiment with makeup colors and find what suits you best. For some of the trickier elements of style, take a look at these insider tips and tricks:

Mascara that smudges has long been the bane of a bride”s existence. While one tried and true way to keep smudges from happening is to use waterproof mascara, another important part of keeping your mascara on those luscious lashes and not on your cheeks is to never pat tears away while they are at the corners of your eyes. Make sure to always allow your tears to fall onto your cheeks before dabbing at them. Otherwise, no matter how impressive your mascara, you always run the risk of smudges.

Waking up the day of your wedding with a zit is the stuff nightmares are made of, but instead of putting Windex on it as suggested by Toula Portokalos” father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, apply an over-the-counter product that contains cortisone or peroxide. Use concealer and blend around the zit so it doesn”t have a streaky appearance.

If wedding planning or dreams of your beloved are keeping you up an night, you will need to know how to keep dark circles at bay. Most of us would know to grab the concealer for this problem, but making sure you have the right color of concealer is key. It is important to choose one that is dark enough to cover the dark circles. Then follow with a lighter shade, then your foundation.

To keep your eye shadow from forming in the creases of your eyes, apply a an eye shadow base color. This will ground everything applied on top of it and won”t let your color move.

If you are prone to facial redness, using a yellow toned or based foundation will or powder will counteract redness so you will be a blushing bride, not a flushed one.

The best beauty tip, though, is to smile. No zit, smudge, dark circle, or flushed face can take away the incredible beauty of a happy bride.

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