Giving Thanks on Your Wedding Day

If you are getting married this month – or any month, really – you have a unique opportunity to incorporate into your wedding perhaps the most powerful, life-giving attribute one can possess: Thankfulness. A spirit of thankfulness completes love, clothing it with humility and grace. Here are a few ways you can give thanksgiving to and for your fiancee, family, and guests, and give them the opportunity to do the same.

  • Write a note expressing deep thankfulness for your fiancee, and have an attendant deliver it the morning of your wedding. Write down your appreciation of his character, gratitude for her kindness, and tell him how much you thank God for bringing you together. Ask the attendant of photographer to take pictures of the moment.
  • Dedicate a portion of the ceremony or a time at the reception to give thanks to your parents for their hard work, commitment, dedication, and immense love in raising you. List specific qualities, look them in the eyes, and say thank you.
  • Acknowledge the Thanksgiving holiday by placing a history fact sheet on each table at the reception. Leave blank notes at each place, and ask that guests list something they are thankful for. To get you, the bride and groom, to kiss, the requesting guest must share what they have written down.
  • If you a couple of faith, create a special time of giving thanks to God during the ceremony. Have the minister include a time of prayerful thanksgiving, expressing gratefulness for all blessings, especially the gift of marriage and God”s promise of Spirit-filled aid throughout your lifetime together.
  • Give vendors, attendants, new in-laws, and guests a shout-out by making a special thank-you toast.
  • Whisper sweet thankful nothings to your spouse throughout the day – and continue to do so your whole life. As said before, thankfulness is the most powerful, life-giving attribute you can possess, and your marriage depends on it.

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