How to Cut Major Calories From Your Wedding Cocktails

Hot summer weddings beg for cool summer cocktails, and there are recipes and concoctions aplenty. Just take one spin around the internet, and you will have enough boat drink mixtures to satisfy the distinguished tastes of each guest on your list. But after all that work you have put into exercising, eating right, and getting fit for that gorgeous gown of yours, do you really want to ruin it all just before the honeymoon by indulging in sugar-loaded, calorie-laden drinks?

Well, good news is here! You do not have to quell your diet in order to sip luscious summer drinks at your reception. Thankfully, the Daily HIIT Blog is here to help. Natalie Roberts writes a superb list of Seven Ways to Lower the Calories in your Favourite Cocktails – a list that just may save your day!

Swap Lemonade for Soda Water
Lemonade is chock full of sugar, and low sugar varieties are often loaded with artificial sweeteners. So use soda water, which has zero calories and will still taste delicious!

Use Fresh Fruit Juices With No Added Sugar
Using fresh fruit juice guarantees you are not consuming unhealthy preservatives or added sugar. This small swap makes a big difference!

Stick to Low Cal Alcohol
Irish Cream, chocolate liquor, and the like are packed with calories. Instead of choosing cocktails that include these gut builders, opt for lower calorie alcohols such as run, vodka, gin, or whiskey.

Watch Your Serving Sizes
Just as with food servings, size matters with cocktails, too. When you are at home, it is easy to pour much more than what any bar would. When at a party – especially a party as special as your wedding reception, it is easy to do the same. Watch out for this major pitfall!

Replace Fruit Syrups with Fruit Puree
Fruit syrups are loaded with sugar, so simply swap real fruit puree. Blend fresh fruit into a puree, and add to cocktails.

Consider Using Vegetables Instead of Fruit
Sound crazy? It really is an easy way to cut sugar from cocktails! Try a cucumber for a martini – tasty and refreshing!

Ditch the Alcohol
This last one may seem unthinkable, but just think about all the calories you will not be consuming! Refreshing and sweet, a “mocktail” is healthier and contains fewer calories.

You may not want to incorporate all of these low-cal ideas, but give them all a shot before your wedding day, and you will know which ones you want to use, and which ones you want to ditch for the real thing. The flavor of your cocktail will not be altered much, and the quality, especially in those containing fresh fruit instead of frozen, will be much better – and have fewer calories!

Remember to check out the Daily HIIT Blog for lots of healthy tips and tricks, and check back here often for ideas to keep fit and healthy, too!

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