How to Find the Perfect Theme for Your Wedding

Traditional wedding styles are often easy to predict: White formal gown, black tux, customary wedding music, orthodox vows, pink-clad bridesmaids, garter and bouquet tosses, and a customary three-tiered white-icing cake with flowers.

Sound boring? If you want to avoid the ho-hum standard wedding, grab a cuppa joe with your fiancee and create your own custom-themed wedding.

Themed weddings are fun and give weddings a whimsical atmosphere. Rather than having just sat through the “same old” wedding, guests will leave your celebration feeling refreshed from a truly exciting experience. To determine the perfect theme for your wedding, ask yourself a few questions.

What do you do in your free time as a couple?

Do you love hanging out together at a coffee house, sipping lattes and dreaming the hours away? Can you two always be found at the pool hall downtown?

Coffee-themed weddings can be both posh and homey. Set up a coffee bar with a selection of fine coffees, coffee liquors, creamers, and sugar – or go all out and hold your reception at a your favorite coffee house. Give coffee mugs or assorted coffees as wedding favors. For the pool lovers, host your reception at you local hangout! Or set up Wii pool at your reception venue, or consider getting table-sized games.

What is your favorite sport that you watch together?

Football (I”m a Denver Broncos girl myself, and my team is going to the Super Bowl!! But, I digress…)? Hockey? How about Basketball?

We”ve seen – and blogged about – couples who have held their wedding at a tailgating party, and while you do not have to go that far to show your team colors, there are ways to get your game on during your wedding. Wear football jerseys over your wedding attire during the reception, have a rollicking game of touch football, or find more great ideas here.

What are your hobbies?

Do you love camping? How about skiing? Are you both bookworms? Or maybe cooking is your thing.

Your wedding theme could be rustic outdoors, or a cozy ski lodge. A literary theme could include famous quotes on each table, a stack of classic books dotted with flowers as centerpieces, and book nooks with plush chairs where guests could gather with wine or coffee during the reception. If you are a cooking couple, your theme may feature a homemade cookbook as your wedding favors, or you could prepare the reception dinner. You could ask each guest to bring their favorite recipe for you to keep, or a reception game may be to ask each married couple to give their best advice for cooking together and staying married!

Do you travel? What is your favorite vacation spot?

A classy vineyard in California? A posh resort in the Caribbean?

A wine bar, wine tastings, and wine-and-food pairings may be in order for your reception. A wedding luau is always popular, complete with umbrella drinks and sun tan lotion wedding favors!

Your wedding theme should reflect your personal taste, style, and life. So grab your partner, ask a few questions, and get started!

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