How To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Extraordinary

The summer months are perfect for outdoor weddings: a warm breeze ruffling your veil ever so lightly, fresh air to fill your lungs as you breathe in your first moments as man and wife, and limitless space to enjoy the reception. But your fairytale outdoor wedding could be spoiled if you do not take a few simple precautions against the scorching sun, blood-thirsty bugs, and uncomfortable guests. So take a few pointers – and check out some really awesome ideas for reception fun – to make your outdoor wedding extraordinary!

Provide Guests with Ways to Stay Cool
Place parasols in an attractive basket near the back of aisle so guests can take one before being seated, and have ushers encourage guests to take one if they like. Place inexpensive yet attractive sunglasses on each chair as a party favor, and consider having your wedding program printed on a fan. Make sure there is plenty of cold water to drink – both water bottles in ice and a water keg with Styrofoam cups are good options.

For the reception, consider setting up a tent with chairs and high-velocity fans inside so guests can gather and mingle in a cooler setting.

Provide Guests with Ways to Stay Safe
Sunburns and bug bites are not what you want your guests taking away from your wedding, so place a basket of bug repellent and sunscreen wipes near the entrance of the ceremony site and reception area. If you will be getting married in a grassy area, let guests know ahead of time what kind of shoes to wear to avoid sinking into the ground and falling.

For the reception, offer straws and cupcake wrappers that match your wedding colors to keep bugs out of drinks. Simply invert the wrapper around the cup or glass and poke a hole in the middle of the wrapper with the straw to create a perfect bug-free beverage! If using paper plates, spend the extra money to purchase the best and strongest ones you can find. Guests should not have to sacrifice cleanliness for your outdoor wedding. You may also want to supply small stain-sticks or wipes on each table for accidents.

Provide Guests with Ways to Stay Entertained
Outdoor weddings are by far the easiest for guest entertainment, because there are so many easy options for reception activities. Don’t have a photo booth? No worries! Just hang a large picture frame from a tree branch with pretty ribbons, and you have an inexpensive place for fun photos! Need an instant way to make your wedding memorable? If the venue/law permits, get a bonfire going! Fire pits or bowls along with plenty of wood and an appointed overseer is all you need. Karaoke, lawn games, a homemade dance floor, and lots of encouragement are all you need to make your outdoor wedding an entertaining success.

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