How to Make Your Wedding FUN

Every couple dreams of having THE perfect wedding; one that is romantic, unique, enjoyable, not too long but not too short, with nothing going wrong but with something that is just quirky enough to be memorable and cute, excellent food and drinks, and no one causing a scene. Oh, and it should be fun, too.

For an unforgettably enjoyable, lighthearted, and entertaining wedding, take one – or all – of these suggestions to make your special day super fun.

Instead of saving the best for last, we”ll share the number one secret to a fun wedding first! Have fun yourself!

If you are not enjoying yourself – really enjoying yourself – your guests won”t have the time of their lives either. Your guests will feed off of your vibe, so relax, laugh, kiss, kick back, goof off, and really enjoy your wedding festivities.

Keeping your guests busy with easy, enjoyable entertainment is a great way to make a wedding fun and memorable. Have assorted games available, from Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase to horseshoes and a pinata. Have photo booth where guests and get silly and create fun memories that will have them talking about your wedding for years to come.

When you think of fun, you don”t usually think of wedding food. So take your reception nibbles to the next level. Whimsical snacks like colorful slushies, candied apples, and caramel corn create automatic smiles and remind people of a simpler time.

Live music is always more fun than a DJ, and a DJ is always more fun than putting together a few CDs of romantic music. So if you can, hire a band. If you can”t, at least have a DJ.

Get your guests involved in the fun by inviting them to document and share your special day. Give them a hashtag to use when posting the photos they captured so you will find them all.

But in the end, having a fun wedding all comes back to the beginning: Have fun yourself!

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