How to Save Big Bucks on Your Wedding

Fifty-five billion dollars. That is what the wedding industry is worth. The average American wedding costs over $28,000 dollars, engagement rings and honeymoon not included. Add those in and you are looking at nearly $40,000. The wedding industry knows that your wedding is more than likely the most important one-time event you will ever save or go into debt for, and so they capitalize on it, and grab the big bucks you are shelling out for your big day.

At Electra Cruises, our affordable all-inclusive wedding venue is not only designed to grant you the lavish wedding you desire, but also to help you save your hard-earned money so it can go toward your new life together, not just your first day as husband and wife. Since our goal is to save you money, we want to offer you a few more secrets that can assist you in saving some dough – read on:

Rehearsal Dinner/Wedding Brunch
You can save hundreds by hosting the rehearsal dinner or wedding brunch yourself, or asking a friend to who has a large home or yard. Ask several people to pitch in and make it a potluck.

Hair and Makeup
Instead of going to a stylist, get several of your closest friends together well before the wedding date and play around with different hairstyles and makeup ideas. You could even make several dates and do this often, just to perfect your skills and make sure you are happy with the look. Make sure you do this after you have chosen your veil so you know which styles will look best with your headpiece. If you have a friend who is also a professional hairstylist or makeup artist, you could consider trading favors.

DIY Decorations
Thrift stores, the Dollar Store, garage sales, and Hobby Lobby are all excellent places to find unique centerpieces, backdrops, favors, aisle and alter decorations, candles, and more.

An All-Inclusive Venue
Choosing a venue that combines your ceremony and reception sites, and allows you to choose from the package that best suits your needs will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

And when you choose from Electra Cruises’ incomparable fleet of yachts, we offer full buffet menu selections served on china, linen, and silver, a beverage bar and bartenders, a minister, a beautiful and delicious wedding cake with your choice of flavors and filling, a professional wedding coordinator, and the finest vendors in the area to provide flowers, entertainment, and photography. We also offer unparalleled service and spectacular views of one southern California’s most beautiful harbors! Contact us today to schedule your free walk-through and consultation – and keep your money where it belongs, in your wallet!

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