How to Tell Your Love Story Throughout Your Wedding

Virtually every wedding is beautiful. Most weddings contain at least some if not many unique and personalized aspects. But rarely does a wedding really tell the couples love story. When guests feel like they “know” the couple well, the wedding is much more special and memorable. With a bit of planning, work, and participation from others, you can tell your love story throughout your wedding, and leave your guests feeling as though they are family. Let”s look at how.

Grab a bottle of good red wine, fancy crackers, and rich cheese, and sit down with your spouse-to-be when you have a good bit of time to set aside. Have a pen and some paper, and take a trip down memory lane. You may think you remember everything about your story from the time you laid eyes on that handsome hunk or sweet girl, but your partner will remember things you don”t or have a different perspective on things. Make this time special and collect every detail you can.

Next, choose how to tell it. Each aspect of your wedding can contain piece of the story, so go slowly through each part. Begin with your invitations. Share a paragraph of how you met and your immediate impressions of one another. Launch a wedding website and share enough details of your courtship to allow your guests to feel like the “know” you and can”t wait to go to your wedding, but not so many that you leave nothing for the wedding! Introduce your wedding party and have them write about their memories of you two as a couple (remember to have them save a few stories for the reception toasts, though!).

Write up a special piece for your wedding program, talk to your minister and have him insert some of your journey into the ceremony, and walk down the aisle to a song that was playing during your first date. (Help guests understand your wedding music choices using your wedding program, too.) Write your own vows and tell yet another special part of your love. Your wedding song and recessional can also be symbolic of your story.

At the reception, place a small, handwritten booklet on each table that contains still more of your walk through life together this far. Have a picture slide show on a screen that”s centrally located so everyone can see photos of the two of you. Have your Best Man and Maid of Honor share a small, short part in their toast.

Give guests slips of paper on which to write questions, then when anyone clinks glasses to get you to kiss, stand, read and answer a question, then kiss. Even your wedding favors can include your story! If you love to cook together, create a cook book with all your favorite recipes and their stories. Did he burn the chicken when making Chicken Piccata? Did she start a food fight when you made spaghetti together? Did he make you a lobster dinner for a surprise date?

In the end, there is no right way or wrong way, but there are endless ways! Get creative, and tell your story throughout your wedding!

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