Language of the Bridal Bouquet

  The bridal bouquet can be a language that speaks volumes. The flowers you choose to be in your bouquet can tell a story – a story of passion, friendship, purity, loyalty, honor. Each flower not only has its own meaning, but can be a meaningful way to show value to the things and people you care about.

 My bridal bouquet was carefully and purposefully chosen. The majority of the bouquet was made up of baby’s breath and pink roses, with several of them cascading below fastened by ribbons. Among those delicate pink petals, I chose to display two vibrantly red roses to symbolize the passion that my Love and I shared, two white roses symbolizing the purity of our love, and one daisy, selected to honor my mother. My bouquet was among the most beautiful I’ve seen.

 Red roses traditionally symbolize love, passion, and romance, and are often chosen for bridal bouquets. On the other side of the spectrum, white roses symbolize purity, innocence and honor, and are often used in bridal bouquets to represent the new beginning of marriage. The yellow rose is a beautiful symbol of friendship and joy. Yellow roses are great in a bridal bouquet because they are a way of letting your fun side shine through as well as your desire and commitment to not only be lovers, but best friends.

 Sunflowers are perhaps the most cheerful looking of all flowers and much of their meaning comes from their namesake: the sun. Warmth, loyalty, happiness, constancy, and longevity are all symbolized by the sunflower. They can be used in any bouquet, but are especially beautiful when used in fall weddings. The aster symbolizes daintiness; baby’s breath, happiness; the daffodil, unrequited love and respect; the daisy, gentleness, innocence, and loyal love.

 As you choose the flowers to be displayed at your wedding, research their meaning and select those that match the color and theme of your wedding, but also consider using your bouquet as a means to bestow honor on those that you cherish and symbolize the traits you find meaningful, and let your flowers do the talking!

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