Tailgate or Get Married? Do Both!

What do you do when you are a diehard football fan, but you want your wedding on the same day as a big game? Well you get married while tailgating, of course! At least that is what two Tennessee Vols fans did. The bride wore a traditional white wedding dress, and after the wedding, they celebrated their marriage by enjoying the game with their friends and family. And the Vols won the football game – I am sure just for them.

This type of wedding is rare, but not unheard of. I once knew of a couple who married on the track where the groom raced his muscle car. The minister, also a race care driver, wore his fire suit to officiate the wedding.

Another story comes out of England, where a young groom surprised his fiancee with a half-time ceremony. The only catch? The bride had to wear football shoes so her heels would not puncture the AstroTurf!

And in Louisville, Kentucky, Vonnie Evans and Jeff Miller chose to say I Do just before the University of Louisville”s football team hosted Florida International.

So if you just can”t stand to miss a big game, plan the game into your big day! Guests will certainly never forget your wedding, all your favorite unhealthy foods are are no longer off limits – instead they are required! – and your wedding theme is taken care of. Happy tailgating!

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