Traditions To Break

Some wedding day traditions are sweet and fun to follow, some were made to be broken.

The Wedding Cake. Let”s face it, not everyone likes cake, so why have a wedding cake if you don”t even enjoy it? Pies, cupcakes, or a dessert bar of assorted pastries and yummy delights can be a delicious break in tradition.

The Wedding March. Walking down the aisle to Broadway, classic rock, or anything that moves and resonates with you as a couple is a great way to make your wedding uniquely yours. So if the Wedding March isn”t your style, find a piece of music that you want – and a musician willing to divert from tradition!

The Diamond Ring. Many girls are just not that into diamonds, and the ring should be something you will treasure and adore for many years. A combination of your birth stones is a fun idea, and, if you are combining families, designing your engagement ring with your birth stones, and the wedding band with the birth stones of the children can be a fabulous idea. Opals, pearls, and rubies are beautiful choices as well.

The Receiving Line. A receiving line often seems like one of the longest and most boring parts of any wedding to many, so why not skip it? Visiting every table personally during the reception to thank your guests lets them continue enjoying themselves while feeling special by your visit, and allows you to circulate when you”re ready.

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